756 Report Transmission Code

Code defining timing, transmission method or format by which reports are to be sent

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
1Summary Electronic Invoice
2Full Electronic Invoice
3Printed Invoice Sent by Mail
4Summary Electronic Invoice and Printed Invoice Sent by Mail
5Full Electronic Invoice and Printed Invoice Sent by Mail
6No paper Invoice
7Summary Electronic Invoice and No paper Invoice
8Full Electronic Invoice and No Paper Invoice
9Electronic Mail
AAAvailable on Request at Provider Site
ABPreviously Submitted to Payer
ACAmerican College of Radiology/National Electronic Manufacturers Association (ACR/NEMA DICOM) Format
ADCertification Included in this Claim
AEElectronically After Shipping
AFNarrative Segment Included in this Claim
AGNo Documentation is Required
AMBy Mail After Shipping
ASAmerican Society for Testing and Materials Format (ASTM E1238)
ATAmerican Society for Testing and Materials Format (ASTM E1384)
AUBy Data Pattern
Indicates that a report will be transmitted across a telecommunications network using fixed-record images
BEBy Mail and Electronically
BMBy Mail
BWBest Way (Sender's Option)
CDCourier Diskette
CPCourier Paper
CTCourier Tape
ELElectronically Only
FTFile Transfer
FXBy Fax
GSOn General Services Administration (GSA) Form 10050
Indicates that a report will be transmitted via GSA Form 10050
HLHealth Industry Level 7 Interface Standards (HL/7) Format
IAElectronic Image
IEElectronically with Invoice
IMBy Mail with Invoice
MBBinary Image
MDMail Diskette
MNMagnetic Media
MPMail Paper
MTMail Tape
NSNot Specified
Indicates that a report will be transmitted via a nonspecified medium
POPrinted Original Required
SEElectronically Before Shipping
SMBy Mail Before Shipping
SNWith Ship Notice
SWSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)
TESeparately, Electronically at Time of Shipping
TMSeparately, by Mail at Time of Shipping
WSWith Shipment (With Package)

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