147 Shipment Qualifier

Code defining relationship of this shipment with respect to other shipments given to the carrier at the same time

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 1
1Master Bill for Empty Non-Revenue Equipment
2Sea Waybill
A non-negotiable transport document issued by an ocean carrier covering cargo shipped on a vessel owned or chartered by that carrier
3Intermodal/Combined Transport Bill of Lading
4Household Goods Bill of Lading
A transport document issued by an individual or business entity for the movement of household goods
5Load Handled as Empty
Rail cars handled under Railroad Accounting Rule 107
6First Bill for Split Shipment
7Subordinate Bill for Split Shipment
8Master Bill, Revenue Empty
ASub for Assembly
BBill of Lading for Individual Shipment
CConsolidated Shipment
DSub for Distribution
EEmpty Equipment Billing (Non-Revenue)
FStop-off Shipment
Shipment with sub-shipments to be loaded or unloaded enroute to final destination
GSwitch Waybill
HCompany Business (Non-revenue)
JCharity Load (Non-revenue)
KFree Astray (Non-revenue)
LSingle Load (Blind Memo) Memo--Incomplete Documentation
MMaster Bill of Lading for Assembly, Distribution and Volume Shipment
A bill of lading with multiple delivery locations
NMultiple Loads (Blind Memo) Memo--Incomplete Documentation
OMemo Bill (Not Used for Rail)
PPTF Bill of Lading
QContinuous Movement
Two or more loads tendered to a carrier at the same time that are to be performed in conjunction with one another using the same carrier equipment
RSupplemental Billing
SSubmaster Bill of Lading for Volume Shipment
A bill of lading for a full truckload shipment
TFreight Claim Rule 93-B (Free Return)
URoundtrip Movement
A special type of continuous movement in which, at the shipper's request, the carrier equipment loads at point A, delivers at point B, then immediately re-loads at point B, and delivers the second load back to point A
VVoid Bill
WRevenue Empty
XEmpty Switch Waybill
YAdvance/Prepaid Only Waybill
ZCommercial Zone Pickup

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