1083 Type of Funds Code

Code indicating the type of funds paid

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
03Equity from Pending Sale of Property
06Sweat Equity
07Trade Equity
09Secondary Financing Secured by Same Property
10Lot Equity
11Lease Payments
12Pledged Collateral
14Sale of Chattel
28Proceeds of Loan Fully Secured by Borrower's Own Assets
29Grant From Non-Profit Organization
30Grant From Federal Government
31Grant From State Government Organization
32Grant From Local Government
33Grant From Employer
35Unsecured Loan
43Not Applicable
44Premium Pricing
45Closed End Second Mortgage
46Seller Take Back
47Affordable Second Mortgage
48Home Equity Line of Credit
49Gift of Equity
50Mortgage Insurance Premium or Veteran Administration Funding Fee Refund
51Commitment or Origination Fee
52Buydown Funds
53Closing Costs
54Discount Points
55Relocation Funds
56Employer Assisted Housing
57Lease Purchase Funds
60Equity on Sold Property
61Equity from Subject Property
62Certificate of Deposit
63Financial Arrangement
64Stocks and Bonds
65Equity from Pending Home Sale
66Trust Funds
67Retirement Funds
68Life Insurance
69Secured Borrowed Funds
70Earnest Money
ZZMutually Defined

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