202 Correction Indicator

Code used to indicate that the transaction set contains information which corrects previous information

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
ADAdjustment of Previous Freight Bill Charges
AISupply Additional Information
ARAdding Revenue
B1Bad Order Car
BABi-lateral Agreement Date not Met
BDBalance Due Billing
BEBilling Error
BOBad Order Setback/Bill Cancelled
CACancelled Bill
CMCancelled Due to Multicars Being Covered on One Waybill
CPCorrect Container or Consolidation Contents
CTCancel Waybill
CUCovered Under Another Universal Railroad Revenue Waybill Identification
D1Diversion or Reconsignment
DCDispute Over Collect/Prepaid
DEDelete Event
DPDelete Container or Consolidation Contents
DSDelayed Shipment
EMError Move
MBMiscellaneous Billing
MDChange Settlement Date
NCNo Car (Have Not Received Car)
NDNo Division Available
PDPast Due Billing
RBRebilling (Ignore Previous Bill)
RCRevenue Correction
RDRoute Dispute
RFRebuttal, Full (of previously rejected invoice)
RLRule 11 Domain Dispute
RPRebuttal, Partial (of previously rejected invoice)
SCSwitch Carrier
SPSeparated Car From Multicar Shipment
WCWrecked Car
WSWork Stoppage

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