617 Switch Type Code

Code identifying type of switch movement desired or accomplished

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
AIPull Authorized After Inspection
BEEmpty Car Unfit for Loading
BOLoaded Car Unable to Load
CRLoaded Rejected by Consignee
DCDuty Car Rejected
HAHaulage Switch
HCHandling Line Switch
HFHold for Forwarding Instructions
HTHold Load in Transit Storage
IPIntra-Plant Movement
ITInter-plant Movement
JFJoint Facility Switch
JSJunction Settlement Switch
MAMultiple Access Switch
NONot Ordered
NUNot Used
OSCar Off Spot
PFReleased Repaired by Private Facility
PNReleased not Repaired by Private Facility
RDReleased Empty for Reloading
RERailroad Error
RJRejected Car
SBSet Back
SSReleased Load Through Billing Connecting Road
TPThird Party
TRTurn and Respot
TSEmpty Car to Storage

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