650 Rating Remarks Code

Code identifying the remarks related to a particular rating

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01Charge Off
02Collection Account
04Involuntary Repossession
06Voluntary Repossession
07Account Balance applied to Line of Credit
08Government Claim
09Paid Account
10Paid Charge-off
11Paid Collection
12Paid Dealer
13Paid Foreclosure
14Paid Not as Agreed
15Paid Repossession
16Paid Satisfactory
17Redeemed Repossession
18Revolving Account - Current
20Satisfactory Revolving Account - Current
21Too New to Rate
22Unpaid Collection
24Closed Not Paid
25Insurance Claim
26Partially Paid
27Account Included in Bankruptcy
33As Agreed
35No Status
36Not Paid as Agreed
37Past Due
40Card Lost
41Account in Dispute
42Bad Debt
43Bill of Exchange
Order drawn by creditor on the debtor for payment of funds to a third party to settle a pre-existing debt of the creditor
44Cash per Owner's Option
45Credit Refused
Order drawn by creditor on the debtor for payment of funds to the creditor or a third party
Note where payment is backed by company which endorses the note
48First Sale
49Insufficient Funds
50Legal Action
51Letter of Credit
Letter from a bank to its corresponding bank stating entity name in document can draw on the credit of the issuing bank for amount stated
52Maturity Varies
54Personal Guarantee
Note where payment is backed by personal guarantee of an individual or company
55Pro Forma
56Renegotiated Draft
Draft which was renegotiated (see draft) as to time and/or amount
57Reopening Draft
Draft which was reopened (see draft) after closing date due to nonpayment of draft amount
58Real Estate Tax
Experience relating payment of real estate tax
59Secured Account
60Suit Filed
61Took Deduction
62Took Excess Discount
63Unauthorized Deduction
65Credit Cancelled
66Credit is for Group
67Credit Refinanced
68Inactive Account
69Irregular Payments
70Long Time Client
71No longer Clients
72Post Dated Checks
73All Loans Repaid
74Long-term Loans Repaid
75Short-term Loans Repaid
76Support to Company to Continue
Financial institution will provide continued support to the business in terms of loans and other financial dealings
77Closed By Consumer
78Closed By Grantor
80Protested Bill
81Pays Within Protested Bill Grace Period
82In Receivership
83Agreement Under Receivership Agreement
84High Insolvency Risk
85Potential Risk of Non-payment
86Possible Insolvency Risk
87Debt Being Renegotiated
88No Authorized Overdraft
ZZMutually Defined

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