901 Reject Reason Code

Code assigned by issuer to identify reason for rejection

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01Price Authorization Invalid
02Price Authorization Expired
03Product not on the price authorization
04Authorized Quantity Exceeded
05Zero Balance
06Special Cost Incorrect
07Catalog Cost Incorrect
08Invalid Ship Location
09No Credit Allowed
10Administrative Cancellation
11Invalid Debit Number
12Duplicate Sequence Number
13Not Valid for Price Protection
14Invalid part number
15Required application data missing
16Unit resale higher than authorized
17Negotiated price was not less than book price
18Ship date must not be after current date
19Ship date cannot be prior to price authorization issue date
20Ship date should not be before price authorization date (for rebills)
21Price authorization is a rebill type
23Price authorization has been deleted
24Price authorization used on a sales order
25Disposition pending vendor review.
26Invalid Customer Number
27Invalid Ship Date
28Duplicate Invoice Number
29Claim Submitted Past Exercise Period
30Invalid Meet Competition Cost
31Invalid Book Cost
32Input Incomplete
33Input Errors
34No Coverage
35Out of Network
36Testing not Included
37Request Forwarded To and Decision Response Forthcoming From an External Review Organization
38Claim Can Not Be Identified for Verification
39Actual Information Different than Reported
40Actual Information Different - Claim Has Been Re-adjudicated Since Initial Payment
41Authorization/Access Restrictions
42Unable to Respond at Current Time
43Invalid/Missing Provider Identification
44Invalid/Missing Provider Name
45Invalid/Missing Provider Specialty
46Invalid/Missing Provider Phone Number
47Invalid/Missing Provider State
48Invalid/Missing Referring Provider Identification Number
49Provider is Not Primary Care Physician
50Provider Ineligible for Inquiries
51Provider Not on File
52Service Dates Not Within Provider Plan Enrollment
53Inquired Benefit Inconsistent with Provider Type
54Inappropriate Product/Service ID Qualifier
55Inappropriate Product/Service ID
56Inappropriate Date
57Invalid/Missing Date(s) of Service
58Invalid/Missing Date-of-Birth
59Invalid/Missing Date-of-Death
60Date of Birth Follows Date(s) of Service
61Date of Death Precedes Date(s) of Service
62Date of Service Not Within Allowable Inquiry Period
63Date of Service in Future
64Invalid/Missing Patient ID
65Invalid/Missing Patient Name
66Invalid/Missing Patient Gender Code
67Patient Not Found
68Duplicate Patient ID Number
69Inconsistent with Patient's Age
70Inconsistent with Patient's Gender
71Patient Birth Date Does Not Match That for the Patient on the Database
72Invalid/Missing Subscriber/Insured ID
73Invalid/Missing Subscriber/Insured Name
74Invalid/Missing Subscriber/Insured Gender Code
75Subscriber/Insured Not Found
76Duplicate Subscriber/Insured ID Number
77Subscriber Found, Patient Not Found
78Subscriber/Insured Not in Group/Plan Identified
79Invalid Participant Identification
80No Response received - Transaction Terminated
81Invalid or Missing Case Number
82Not Medically Necessary
83Level of Care Not Appropriate
84Certification Not Required for this Service
85Certification Responsibility of External Review Organization
86Primary Care Service
87Exceeds Plan Maximums
88Non-covered Service
89No Prior Approval
90Requested Information Not Received
91Duplicate Request
92Service Inconsistent with Diagnosis
95Patient Not Eligible
96Pre-existing Condition
97Invalid or Missing Provider Address
98Experimental Service or Procedure
AAAuthorization Number Not Found
ABAir Brakes - Inoperative, etc.
ADAccident Damage - Derail/Sideswiped
AERequires Primary Care Physician Authorization
AFInvalid/Missing Diagnosis Code(s)
AGInvalid/Missing Procedure Code(s)
AHInvalid/Missing Onset of Current Condition or Illness Date
AIInvalid/Missing Accident Date
AJInvalid/Missing Last Menstrual Period Date
AKInvalid/Missing Expected Date of Birth
ALInvalid/Missing Surgery Date
AMInvalid/Missing Admission Date
ANInvalid/Missing Discharge Date
AOAdditional Patient Condition Information Required
B1Contract Price Error
B2Contract Price Mark Up Error
B3Contract Price Freight Error
B4Contract Price Volume Discount Error
B5Contract Price Starting Price Error
B6Contract Price Invalid Date Range
B7Contract Price Freight Surcharge Error
B8Drop Size Error
B9Drop Frequency Error
BAReject Due to Air Bags
BCReject Due to No Chains
BDReject Due to Damps
BGReject Due to Bearings
BLReject Due to Load Divider Bad Order
BOLoaded Car, Unable to Load
BPReject Due to Bridge Plate
BRReject Due to Brake Rigging Beam, Lever
BSReject Due to Bad Order Slides
BVReject Due to Bad Order Valves/Piping
BWReject Due to Bad Order Walls
C1Date Error
C2Duplicate Program
C3Duplicate Contract
C4Not As Negotiated
C5Product Missing
C6Quantity Error
C7Incorrect Allowance
C8Incorrect Start Date
C9Incorrect End Date
CAReject Due to Crank Arm Application
CBReject Due to Center Bowls, Plates and Pins
CICertification Information Does Not Match Patient
CLComplete Loading
CMReleased as Railroad Company Material
CNCar Not Ordered
CPPut on Constructive Placement
CRWrong Consignee
CSRelease Load Through Bill Connecting Road
CTRelease as a Cross-town Load
CUEquipment Not Used
CWWrong Car Type
DDReject Due to Doors
DGReject Due to Draft Gear - Yoke
DRReject Due to Dirty
DSDefective Safety Devices
DVReject Due to Load Dividers, Side Filters, Special Equipment
E1Requested Record Will Not Be Sent; Cannot Identify the Record
We cannot identify the record from the information you provided; please provide additional information or have the student contact us directly to make the request
E2Requested Record Will Not Be Sent; Need Student or Parent Permission
Institutional policy prohibits release without written permission of student or parent; have student or parent request record from us
E3Requested Record Will Not Be Sent
Requested record will not be sent; have student contact us to resolve a problem
E4Requested Record Will Not Be Sent; Never Enrolled
Requested record will not be sent; we have no record that the student ever enrolled
E5Requested Record Will Not Be Sent; No Degree Awarded
Requested record will not be sent; degree or diploma has not been awarded
E6Requested Record Will Not Be Sent; No Grades Posted
Requested record will not be sent; grades have not been posted for the current or most recent session
E7Requested Record Cannot Be Sent Electronically; Record Resides in Paper Format only which Will Be Sent by Mail
E8Requires Medical Review
EAEmpty Equipment Available for Loading
ERReject Due to Spotted in Error
ETEmpty Trailer Flat Release
FDFreight Damage Claim
FRReject Due to Bad Floor
GSRelease From Demurrage and Start Storage until Waybilled
HBReject Due to Handbrake
HHReject Due to Hand Hold, Ladder, Step, Running Boards, Platforms, etc.
HXReject Due to Hot Journal Box
IAInvalid Authorization Number Format
IDReleases an Idler
IIIndustrial Interchange
IPInappropriate Provider Role
J1Ambulance Certification Segment Information Doesn't Correspond to Transport Address Segment Information
J2Mileage Cannot Be Computed Based on Data Submitted
J3Computed Mileage is Inconsistent with Transport Information or Service Units
KRReject Due to Couplers
LKReject Due to Leaking Contents
LSReject Due to Load Shifted
LWLight Weigh and Restencil
MAMissing Authorization Number
MOMove from Current Spot to Next
MUMissing Number of Units
NCNo Certification Information Found
OGReject Due to Outlet Gate/Valve Lo and Open Hopper
OIReleased from Industry to be Inspected
OROrdered for Replacement
OVReject Due to Overloaded
PMPreventative Maintenance
RBReleased from Industry to Custody of Broker
RDTo be Reloaded
RFReject Due to Refrigeration Unit
RHReject Due to Roof Hatches
RKReject Due to Racks (Bi or Tri Levels)
RMRequesting Provider Contact Information Missing
RNBad Order Reinitialing and Numbering
RPReleased Partially Unloaded
RSReleased Loaded for Line Haul Shipment
RTRun Through Equipment not Spotted
SCReleased from Demurrage after being Scrapped
STReleased from Shop Track
SUReject Due to Superstructure - End, Roof and Sides
SWLocal Waybill
T1Cannot Identify Provider as TPO (Third Party Organization) Participant
T2Cannot Identify Payer as TPO (Third Party Organization) Participant
T3Cannot Identify Insured as TPO (Third Party Organization) Participant
T4Payer Name or Identifier Missing
T5Certification Information Missing
T6Claim does not contain enough information for re-pricing
TCBad Order to Transfer Lading
TDReject Due to Tie Down Devices
THReject Due to Trailer Hitch
TLReject Due to Train Line, Air Hose, Anglecock
TRReject Due to Truck, S-Frame, Bolster
UCReject Due to Uncoupling Rod
UFReject Due to Underframe - Including Sills
UGBad Order for Upgrading of Car
UNInvalid Number of Units
WAReject Due to Wheel/Axle
WKBad Order Due to Wreck
XRInquiry Response Type Not Supported
XTResponding System Cannot Process Inquiry Type in Real-time
ZZMutually Defined

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