522 Amount Qualifier Code

Code specifying the amount qualifier

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 3
00Downpayment on the Repayment Plan Amount
0AInterest Substitution Adjustment
0BPrincipal Substitution Adjustment
0CPrepaid Interest
0DPrepaid Principal
0EDelinquent Interest
0FDelinquent Principal
0GCurtailment Adjustment
0HSerial Note Principal Available for Distribution
0IServicing Fee
0JGuarantee Fee Adjustment
0KAmount Under-collateralized
0LAmount Over-collateralized
0MTrial Balance Adjustment
0NCustodial Bank Account Adjustment
0RRegular Plan
0SPreviously Billed
0TCurrently Due
0UCoverage Premium
1Line Item Total
01Fixed Installment Control Accounting Error
1BVariance Adjustment Cost
1CVariance Adjustment Schedule
1EFixed Price
1HTravel Expense
1JInsurance Expense
1KUnion Dues
1LRegular Income
1MIncome on Real Property
1NIncome from Social Security and/or other Government Assistance
1PTotal Monthly Income
1QElectric and/or Fuel Payment
1RWater and/or Sewer Payment
1STelephone Payment
1TMaintenance Expense
1UFood Expense
1VClothing Expense
1WLaundry Expense
1XMedical and/or Dental Expense
1YRecreation Expenses
1ZCharitable Contributions
2Batch Total
02Graduated Payment Mortgage Adjustment
2AHome Insurance Expense
2BLife Insurance Expense
2CHealth Insurance Expense
2DAutomobile Insurance Expense
2EValue of Property Claimed as Exempt
2FAutomobile Payment
2GOther Type of Installment Payment
2HOperating Expenses
2ITotal Projected Monthly Income
2JTotal Projected Monthly Expenses
2KExcess Income
2LValue of Personal Property
2MMonthly Overtime
2NTotal All Repairs
2PTotal Recommended Repairs
2QState Quarterly Total Gross Wages
2RState Quarterly Unemployment Insurance (UI) Total Wages
2SState Quarterly Unemployment Insurance (UI) Excess Wages
2TState Quarterly Unemployment Insurance (UI) Taxable Wages
2UState Quarterly Disability Insurance Taxable Wages
2VState Quarterly Tip Wages
2WAsset-Long Term
2XAsset-Short Term
2YBase Coverage
2ZCommission Retained
3Deposit Total
03Growing Equity Mortgage Adjustment
3BAccounts Payable
3CAccounts Receivable
3DAdvanced Dividends
3EAdvertising Expenses
3GAmortization Costs
3HAmount of Decree
3IAsset Investment
3JAuthorized Capital
3KAvailable Reserves
3LBad Debt Allowance
3MBad Debts
3NBank Account(s)
3OLong Term Assets
3PLong Term Liabilities
3QLong Term Tangible Assets
3RLosses on Capital
3SMachines and Tools
3TMember Risk Capital
3UMiscellaneous After Tax Exempt
3WNominal Capital
3XNominal Damages
3YNon-operational Fixed Assets
3ZExcess Amount Requested
4Lock Box Total
04Adjustable Rate Mortgage Change
4ANonissued Capital
4BNotes Payable
4CNotes Receivable
4DBank Debentures
4EBank Obligations
4GBuildings Under Construction
4ICapital Associated with Principal
4JCapital of Other Subsidiaries
4KCapital Stock
4MCapital Subsidies Received
4NCommercial Debt
4OCommercial Expenses
4PCommon Stock
4QConsequential Damages
4RCompensatory Damages
4SConvertible Debentures
4TCost of Goods Sold
4UCost of Sales
4WCurrent Assets
4XCurrent Liabilities
4ZDeferred Cost
5Total Invoice Amount
05Fixed Installment Control Substitution Adjustment
5ADeferred Credit or Income
5BDeferred Taxation
5EDepreciation of Fixed Assets
5FDepreciation of Revaluation of Fixed Assets
5GDirector's Remuneration
5IDoubtful Receivables
5KEquipment Subsidies
5LEquities, Stocks
5NExceptional Item
5PExternal Charge
5QExtraordinary Charge
5RExtraordinary Current Asset Write Downs
5SExtraordinary Result
5TFinancial Assets
5UFinancial Charges
5VFinancial Debt
5WFinancial Expenses
5XFinancial Income
5YFinished Goods
5ZFixed Asset Debts
6Amount Subject to Total Monetary Discount
06Interest Adjustment
6AFixed Assets
6BFixed Assets for Sale
6DFixtures and Equipment
6FFranchise Tax Balance
6GFranchise Tax Paid
6HFree Reserves
6JFuture Loan
6KGeneral Accounts
6LGeneral Expenses
6NGrants for Operating Costs
6OGroup Related Financial Income
6PIncome Stated in Advance
6QIncome Tax
6RIncome Tax, Corporate
6SIncome Tax, Noncorporate
6UIntangible Depreciation
6WInterest of Third Party
6XInterest on Loans
6YOperating Income (Loss)
6ZOptional Reserves
7Discount Amount Due
07Deferred Graduated Payment Mortgage Interest Paid
7AOrganizational Expenses
7BOutside Share in Profit or Loss
7COutstanding Debts against Board of Directors/Managers
7EOwing from Affiliates
7FOwing from Participants
7GOwing to Affiliates
7HOwing to Fiscal Office
7IOwing to National Social Security Office
7JOwing to Participants
7KOwn Work Capitalized
7LPaid in Capital
7MPar Value
7NParticipating Interest
7PPension Debts
7QPensions Provision
7RPreferred Stock
7SPrepaid Orders in Progress
7TPrior Results Carried Forward
7UProfit or Loss
7VProfit or Loss after Taxes
7WProfit or Loss before Taxes
7XProfit or Loss on Ordinary Activities after Tax
7YProgress Payments
7ZProposed Dividend
8Total Monetary Discount Amount
08Interest Accounting Error
8AProvision for Depreciation of Stock or Inventory
8BProvision for Future Purchases
8CProvision for Risks
8DPunitive Damages
8EPurchase Price
8GRaw Materials
8HReal Estate
8JRegularization Account
8KResearch and Development
8LRestructuring Costs
8NRetained Earnings
8QSales and Use Tax
8SSecured Liability
8TSecured Loans
8USelling Expenses
8WShare Capital
8XShare in Profit or Loss of Minority Interest
8YShare Premium Capital
8ZShares in Affiliated Companies
9Total Operational Statement Amount
09Principal Accounting Error
9ASocial Charges
9BSocial Security (FICA)
9CSpecial Reserves
9DSpecially Secured Creditors
9ESpecific Performance
9FStarting Capital
9GStatutory Reserves
9HSubscribed Capital
9ISuit Amount
9KSurplus of Revaluation
9LTangible Net Worth
9MTax Adjustments
9NTax Balance
9OTax Capital Amount
9PTax on Extraordinary Items
9QTax Recoverable
9RTaxed Reserves
9STrade Creditors
9TInventory (Stock)
9UInventory (Stock) Depreciation
9VInventory (Stock) Purchases
9WInvestment in Own Shares
9YIssued Capital
9ZLabor Costs
10Shipment Value in U.S. Dollars
11Liabilities at Bankruptcy
12Account Average Balance Account
13Outstanding Balance at Foreclosure
14Legal Obligation Debt Amount
15Estimated Closing Cost Amount
16Discount Fees Paid by Borrower Amount
17Closing Costs or Concessions Paid by Seller
18Prepaid Items Amount
19Federal Housing Administration, Mortgage Insurance Premium Funding Fee Financed Amount
20Federal Housing Administration, Mortgage Insurance Premium or Veteran's Administration Funding Fee Amount
21Original Cost of Property Amount
22Owner's Estimate of Value Amount
23Appraised Value Amount
24Gross Monthly Income Amount
25Assets at Bankruptcy
26Negotiated Cost
The estimated cost negotiated in a Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee contract or the negotiated contract target cost in either a Fixed-Price-Incentive contract or a Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee contract
27Authorized Unpriced Work
Effort for which written authorization has been received but defined costs have not been agreed to
28Target Price
The negotiated contract cost plus profit or fee applicable to the defined contract effort
29Estimated Price
The latest revised estimate of the total cost at complete for a contract
30Contract Ceiling
The ceiling price applicable to defined effort
31Estimated Contract Ceiling
The estimated ceiling price applicable to all authorized contract effort (both defined and undefined)
32Target Fee or Profit Amount
The fee (can also be percent) of profit that will apply to defined contract effort
33Original Contract Target Cost
Value of the original negotiated contract
34Negotiated Contract Changes
The cumulative cost (excludes fee and profit) applicable to defined contract changes that have occurred since the beginning of the contract
35Current Target Cost
Sum of Original Contract Target Cost and Negotiated Contract Changes
36Contract Budget Base (CBB)
Sum of Current Target Cost and Estimated Cost of Authorized, Unpriced Work
37Current Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled (BCWS)
The planned cost for a defined scope of work or portion of work that is scheduled to be done during a given period
38Current Budgeted Cost for Work Performed (BCWP)
The sum of budgets for completed work packages and completed portions of open work packages, plus the applicable portion of the budgets for level of effort and apportioned effort; also known as earned value
39Current Actual Cost of Work Performed (ACWP)
The costs incurred and recorded for work performed in a given period
40Current Schedule Variance (SV)
The difference between the Budgeted Cost for Work Performed and the Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled
41Current Cost Variance (CV)
The difference between the Budgeted Cost for Work Performed and the Actual Cost of Work Performed
42Cumulative Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled (BCWS)
The cumulative planned cost for a defined scope of work or portion of work that is scheduled to be done during a given period
43Cumulative Budgeted Cost for Work Performed (BCWP)
The cumulative sum of budgets for completed work package and completed portions of open work packages, plus the applicable portion of the budgets for level of effort and apportioned effort; also know as earned value
44Cumulative Actual Cost of Work Performed (ACWP)
The cumulative cost incurred and recorded for work performed in a given period
45Cumulative Schedule Variance (SV)
The cumulative difference between the cumulative Budgeted Cost for Work Performed and the cumulative Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled
46Cumulative Cost Variance (CV)
The cumulative difference between the cumulative Budgeted Cost for Work Performed and the cumulative Actual Cost for Work Performed
47Reprogram Cost Variance
Adjustments to previously reported variances due to reprogramming efforts
48Reprogram Budget
Adjustments to the budget due to reprogramming efforts
49At Complete Budget (BAC)
The total budget assigned to a work package or task; also, the total budget of any summary of these work tasks
50At Complete Latest Revised Estimate (LRE)
Latest estimate of cost at completion including over or under runs for all authorized work; it is the sum or the actuals to date plus the estimate of remaining work (Estimate to Complete or ETC)
51At Complete Variance
The difference between the Budget at Complete and the Estimate at Complete
52Total Allocated Budget
Sum of all budgets allocated to the performance of a contract
53Difference (Contract Budget Base - Total Allocated Budget)
The difference between the Contract Budget Base and the Total Allocated Budget
Alternate term for Estimate to Complete (amount of work remaining); or a number to compare to an Estimate to Complete
55At Complete Forecast
Alternate term for Estimate at Complete (actual costs plus estimate of remaining work ETC); or to compare to an Estimate at Complete
56Current Cost Performance Index (CPIe) - Efficiency (BCWP/ACWP)
An indication of cost efficiency for work that has been done
57Current Cost Performance Index (CPIp) - Planned (ACWP/BCWP)
Alternate calculation for Code 56
58Current Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
A cumulative indication of schedule efficiency for work that has been done
59Cumulative Cost Performance Index (CPIe) - Efficiency (BCWP/ACWP)
A cumulative indication of cost efficiency for work that has been done
60Cumulative Cost Performance Index (CPIp) - Planned (ACWP/BCWP)
Alternate calculation for Code 59
61Cumulative Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
An indication of schedule efficiency for work that has been done
62To Complete Performance Index (TCPI) for Budget at Complete (BAC)
An indication of the efficiency level necessary to meet the budget target
63To Complete Performance Index (TCPI) for Estimate At Complete (EAC)
An indication of the efficiency level necessary to meet the estimate target
64Initial Contract Price Target
Value of initial negotiated contract target price
65Initial Contract Price Ceiling
Value of initial negotiated contract ceiling price
66Adjusted Contract Price Target
Value of initial contract plus supplemental agreements
67Adjusted Contract Price Ceiling
Value of adjusted ceiling price
68Funds Authorized to Date
Value of contract fund authorized from the beginning through the current reporting period
69Accrued Expenditures
Actual cost to date
70Open Commitments
Value of supplies or other items committed to for payment (such as on delivery of products)
71Forecast of Billings
This is a forecast of billings to the government; includes cumulative amounts already billed (including progress or advance payments) and a forecast of amounts that will be billed to the government
72Estimated Termination Costs
Cost that would be necessary to liquidate all government obligations if the contract were to be ended in that reporting period
73Accrued Expenditures plus Open Commitments
Sum of actual costs and committed costs
74Contract Work Authorized - Definitized
The estimated price for the authorized work including profit or fee, and incentive and cost sharing associated with projected over or under runs
75Contract Work Authorized - Not Definitized
The estimate of the fund requirements for performing required work that firm contract prices have not yet been agreed to
76Contract Work Authorized - Total
Sum of Contract Work Authorized - Definitized and Contract Work Authorized - Not Definitized
77Forecast of Work - Not Yet Authorized
An estimate of fund requirements including fee or profit for changes proposed, but not yet directed by the customer
78Forecast of Work - All Other
An estimate of fund requirements for additional work that the contractor expects to do
79Forecast of Work - Total
Sum of Forecast Work - Not Yet Authorized and Forecast of Work - All Other
80Funding - Total Requirements
The estimate of total fund requirements for contract work authorized and forecast
81Funds Carryover
For incrementally funded contract, this is the amount that the prior Federal fiscal year funding was in excess of the prior year's requirement
82Net Funds Required
An estimate of net funds required, less funds carryover
83Contract Work Authorized (with fee/profit) Actual or Projected
These are the cumulative and projected values for the contract
84Contract Work Authorized (with fee/profit) Actual or Projected - At Complete
The cumulative value from the start to the end of the contract
85Best Case Estimate
86Worst Case Estimate
87Most Likely Estimate
88"As Is" Appraisal Amount
89"Subject To" Appraisal Amount
90"Completion Per Plans" Appraisal Amount
91Site Value Amount
All eligible monies paid to the employee, as defined in the plan document
94Death Benefit
Total benefit amount to be distributed to the employee's beneficiaries
95Death Benefit Decrement
Periodic benefit amount to be distributed to the employee's beneficiaries, until the account balance is exhausted
96Employee Account Balance
Total benefit amount owed to an employee from a defined contribution plan
97Loan Repayment
Amount of loan repayment made to the plan
98Prior W2
Taxable compensation, as reported on the IRS W2 form, for the prior tax year
99Single Premium
AAdjusted Chargeback Claim Amount
A0Assistantship from Admitting Educational Institution
A1Average Negative Ledger Balance
Aggregate amount of overdrafts divided by number of days overdrawn in analysis period
A2Average Positive Collected Balance
Aggregate amount of positive daily collected balances divided by number of days in analysis period that collected balances were positive
A3Average Negative Collected Balance
Aggregate amount of negative daily collected balances divided by number of days in analysis period that collected balances were negative
A4Average Positive Ledger Balance
Aggregate amount of positive daily ledger balances divided by number of days in analysis period that ledger balances were positive
A5Disallowed - Estimated
Approximate value rejected to the individual
A6Disallowed - Actual
Calculated value rejected to the individual
A7Noncovered Charges - Estimated
Approximate value not covered by the benefit plan
A8Noncovered Charges - Actual
Calculated value not covered by the benefit plan
A9Allowed - Estimated
Approximate amount considered for payment under the provisions of the contract prior to determination of actual amount
AA1Excess Funds
AA2Cumulative Total
AA3Reimbursable Amount
AA4Total Reimbursable Amount
AA5Direct Citation Amount
AA6Total Direct Citation Funds
AA7Chargeable Amount
AAATemporary Term Coverage
AABConditional Receipt Coverage
AACBinding Interim Coverage
AADApplication Amount
AAEApproved Amount
AAFUltimate Face Amount
AAGRequested Amount from All Reinsurers
AAHReplacement Amount
AAIScheduled Contribution
AAJScheduled Disbursement
AAKShort Term Investment
AALSubsequent Contribution
AAMSubsequent Distribution
AAQTrust Fund
AARCapital Leases
AATRestated Assets
Value of Assets after revaluation
AAUOwing to Clients
AAVShareholder Loans
AAWAccumulated Deficit
AAXLoan from Parent Company
AAYContribution Not Subject to Repayment
AAZIncome Before Depreciation
ABAdjusted Collected Balance
ABAIncome After Depreciation
ABBProfit (Loss) Before Financial Items
ABCInterest Expenses
ABDProfit (Loss) Before Extraordinary Items
ABEProfit (Loss) After Financial Items
ABFIncome Before Allocations
ABGIncome from Sale of Fixed Assets
ABHContribution to Group
Amount provided to group of businesses to which company belongs
ABIDeferred Tax Assets
ABJBlocked Accounts
ABKNon-taxed Reserves
ABLPledged Assets
ABMRestricted Equity
ABNNon-restricted Equity
ABODepreciable Assets
ABPTaxable Assets
ABQIncome from Business
ABRIncome Subject to Taxes
ABSTaxable Amount of Real Estate
ABTEnding Principal Balance
ABUAverage Daily Principal Balance
ABVInterest Amount
ABWAdjustments for Difference in Average Daily Principal Balance
ABXBeginning Principal Balance
ABYLoan Principal Disbursements
ABZPrincipal Increases
ACAverage Collected Balance
ACAPrincipal of Loans Purchased
ACBPrincipal Cured
ACCPrincipal Sold
ACDPrincipal Insurance Claims
ACEPrincipal Guarantee Voided
ACFPrincipal Paid by Borrowers
ACGLoans in School and Grace
ACHLoans in Authorized Deferment
ACILoans Repay or Forebearance - Current or Less than 31 Days
ACJLoans Repay or Forebearance - 31 to 60 Days Past Due
ACKLoans Repay or Forebearance - 61 to 90 Days Past Due
ACLLoans Repay or Forebearance - 91 to 120 Days Past Due
ACMLoans Repay or Forebearance - 121 to 180 Days Past Due
ACNLoans Repay or Forebearance - 181 to 270 Days Past Due
ACOLoans Repay or Forebearance - 271 or More Days Past Due
ACPLoans Repay or Forebearance - Claims Filed, Not Yet Paid
ACQAgent Sales
ACRAmount Involved
ACSAssigned Capital
ACTCredit Line Utilized
ACUDirect Sales
ACVEarnings per Share
ACXInvested Capital
ACYLoan from Family Members
ACZNon Depreciable Assets
ADAdjusted Total
ADAPartially Paid Amount per Share
ADBPending Orders
ADCPersonal Loan
ADDPlant and Machinery
ADEPre-Tax Loss
ADFPre-Tax Profit
ADGRegistered Capital
ADHRevaluation Reserves
ADISocial Capital
ADJStatutory Profit
ADKTraining Pay
ADLRetroactive Pay
ADMExpected Reimbursement Amount
ADNPermit Cost
ADPAdditional Amount to Meet Minimum
ADQLabor Per Hour
ADRNon-recoverable Depreciation
ADSRecoverable Depreciation
ADUIndemnity Benefit
ADWReplacement Cost of Repairs
ADXActual Cash Value of Repairs
ADYRecoverable Depreciation of Repairs
ADZNon-recoverable Depreciation of Repairs
AEANon-indemnity Benefit
AEBActual Cash Value of Building
AECGovernment Share
AEDContractor Share
AEEAward Fee
AEFBase Fee
AEGTarget Profit Floor
AEHTarget Profit Ceiling
AEILabor Per Day
AEJDifference in Interest Due
AEKDifference in Prepayment Penalty
AELDifference in Principal Due
AEMAppropriation of Retained Earnings Less Reversals
AEOBillings and Costs-Profit Differential
AEPCommon Stock Par Value
AEQCost of Services Rendered
AESDeclared Profit
AETDiscounted Notes
AEUEndorsed Notes
AEVGeneral Reserves
AEWImport Volume
AEXIncome Tax Credit
AEYLong-Term Deposits
AEZLong-Term Loans
AFAverage Float
AFAMinority Interest
AFBNon-Operating Expense
AFCNon-Operating Income
AFDOperating Profit or Loss
AFEPreferred Stock Par Value
AFFProfit After Tax and Minority Interest
AFGRetained Earnings to be Appropriated
AFHRevaluation Surplus or Deficit
AFIReversal of Voluntary Earned Surplus
AFJShare Price
AFKShort-Term Deposits
AFLShort-Term Loans
AFMTax Provisions
AFNUnallocated Profit
Profit not allocated to a specific account
AFOVoluntary Earned Surplus
AFPCalculated Weekly Compensation Amount
AFQBenefit Type Gross Weekly Amount
AFRBenefit Type Net Weekly Amount
AFSEmployee Gross Wage
AFTGarage Gross Wages
AFUOfficer Compensation - Actual Flat
AFVOfficer Compensation - Statutory Maximum
AFWOfficer Compensation - Statutory Minimum
AFYPrevious Balance
AFZDisputed Amount
AGAdjusted Gross Income
AGANon-Operating Income or Expense
AGBOperating Income or Expense
AGCIncome or Expense
AGDPurchase Authority
AGECapital Decrease
AGFCapital Increase
AGGDeed Capital
The authorized amount each partner has as described in a partnership agreement
AGHTransferred Amount
AGIUnadjusted Sales Price
AGJSales Concessions
AGKProperty Value
AGMPartial Release Amount
AGNLien Filing Fee
AGOAdditional Repair Price
AGPQualified Tuition and Related Expenses
AGQQualified Financial Assistance
AGRAggregate Reimbursements or Refunds
AGSNew Loan Balance
AGTRaw Material Purchases
AGUWork in Progress Purchases
AGVOperating Cash Flow
AGWPayments for Outside Work
AGXSet Aside for Provisions
AGYFinancial Income or Expense
AGZExtraordinary Income or Expense
AHLoan Balance Difference
The difference between the unpaid loan balance due as originally claimed and the correct unpaid loan balance
AHAUnfinished Production Carried Forward
AHBInstallation Materials Cost
AHCNew Mortgage Amount
AHDCapitalized Assets
AHEProfit Reserves
AHFShare in Profit or Loss in Other Companies
AHGMonetary Correction
Adjustment due to hyper inflation
AHIScheduled Repayment Amount
AHJAmounts Placed with Other Banks
AHKDue from Parent Company
AHLOwing from Subsidiary Companies
AHMCertificates of Deposit Amount
AHNPublicly Traded Shares Amount
AHONon Publicly Traded Shares Amount
AHPTrading Securities Amount
Securities held for trading not investment
AHQInvestment Securities Amount
Securities held for investment not trading
AHREarnings Per Share Minus Dividends
AHSActive Partner Capital
AISale Amount
The amount for which the property was sold
AJFunds Held by Mortgagee
Cash amount held or deposited in the account of a borrower by a lender of a mortgage
AJCAdjusted Claim
AKAttorney Fees
ALAverage Ledger Balance
AMAmount Financed
ANBankruptcy Fee
Fee paid to attorney for bankruptcy procedure
ANCAccrued Income
AOAmount Override
Used when the commission payment is not based on sales and is an agreed upon flat dollar amount
APAmount Prior to Fractionalization
Full charge amount for the service per service period, prior to pro-rated fractionalization due to partial period billing
APTAmount of Purchase Exempt From Tax or Fee
AQAverage Price Per Call
The total amount of money associated with a category of calls divided by the total number of calls within the category calculated to provide call summary details
ARFees to Public Officials for Foreclosure
The fees paid to public officials for the foreclosure of a property with a defaulted mortgage
ASAverage Price Per Minute
The total amount of money associated with a category of calls divided by the total number of minutes within the category calculated to provide call summary details
ASPAnnual Sales or Premiums
ATTotal Received
ATFAmount of Tax or Fee Exemption
AUCoverage Amount
The dollar amount of property coverage provided by a specific policy contract
AVActual Cash Value
An amount indicating the replacement cost, less depreciation, less prior damage, plus betterment
AWReplacement Cost
The estimate replacement dollar amount of the insured's property
AXPrevious Price
AYTitle Cost
The costs of obtaining a good and marketable title to a property
AZOther Foreclosure and Acquisition Expenses
Any additional expense incurred to foreclose on and acquire property with a defaulted mortgage excluding attorney fees and transfer taxes
Indicates the estimated amount
B1Benefit Amount
B2Bonuses and Commissions Divided Over 12 Months
B3Bonuses Divided Over 12 Months
B4Bonuses and Commissions
B6Allowed - Actual
Amount considered for payment under the provisions of the contract
B7Deductible - Estimated
Approximate amount, deducted by the payer, from the allowed amount in order to meet the contract deductible provisions
B8Co-insurance - Estimated
Approximate value still to be paid by the individual under the co-insurance provisions of the benefit contract
B9Co-insurance - Actual
Calculated value still to be paid by the individual under the co-insurance provisions of the benefit contract
BAANet Taxable Income
BABOriginal Amount of Instrument
BACAddition to Tax
BADReinstatement Fee
BAEPermit Fee Due
BAFPermit Fee with Extension
BAGNet Annual Permit Fee Due
BAHPermit Fee Penalty Due
BAIPermit Fee Interest Due
BAJTotal Permit Fee Due
BAKFranchise Tax
BALUnclaimed Franchise Tax Credit
BAMNet Franchise Tax Due
BANFranchise Tax Penalty Due
BAOTotal Franchise Tax Due
BAPTotal Amount Due
BARAmount to be Refunded
BASGross In-State Receipts
BATGross Receipts
BAUOccupation Fee
BAVTotal Assessed Value
BAWTotal Value of All Property
BAXValue of In-State Property
BAYTotal Value of Out-of-State Property
BAZTotal Par Value
BBMortgage Insurance Premiums
The premium paid to an insurer to obtain (and maintain) mortgage insurance on a mortgage
BBATotal Assessable Capital Stock
BBBApportioned Value
BBCEstimated In-State Real Property Value
BBDPar Value of In-State Assets
BBEIn-State Business Revenue
BBFSubscription Price
BBGValue of Authorized Shares
BBHOrdinance Amount
BBICapital for a Cooperative
BBJDirectors Legal Obligation Debt
BBKSilent Partner Capital
BCBilling Cycle Net Fee Position (Excess/Deficit)
BDBalance Due
BEDisbursements for Authorized Repair
BFHazard Insurance Premium
Premium paid to an insurer for an insurance policy covering the loss of property and other structures
BGEviction Attorney Fees
The fees paid to the attorney handling the forcing out of the occupants and their belongings from a property
BHEviction Expenses
The cost incurred by the landlord or lender of the mortgage to force the occupants and their belongings from the property
BIProperty Taxes
BJDisbursements Not Shown Elsewhere
Monies paid out but not recorded or shown elsewhere
BKDisbursements for Protection and Preservation
Monies paid out for protection and preservation of a property
BLDisbursements for Inspections and Boarding
The funds paid out for inspecting the property and boarding
BLDBridge Loan Not Deposited
BNRental Income
BORental Expense
Expenses incurred in the management and in the maintenance of rental properties
BOABorrower Advance
BORBorrowed Amount
BPAverage Net Collected Balance
BRAdjusted Insured Loss Amount
BSMortgage Note Interest
BTBank Reject Total
BUOverhead Costs
BVUncollected Interest
BWAmount Due from Buyer at Closing
BXAmount Owed to Buyer at Closing
BXPBills of Exchange Payable
BYAdditional Closing Expenses
Any additional cost incurred at closing in the disposal of real estate property
BZDeficiency Judgment Expenses
The expenses incurred by a mortgagee in seeking a judgment from the court against a mortgagor to attach the mortgagor's assets for repayment on the defaulted mortgage
C0Current Expenditures
C1Co-Payment Amount
Partial payment of medical services' expenses required in group health insurance, in addition to the membership fee; for example, for each visit to a physician a member may be required to pay $5, regardless of the expense of the services rendered; or for each prescription for drugs and medicines, the member may have to pay a flat fee of $2 regardless of the actual cost
C2Child Rider Coverage
C3Prior Payment - Estimated
Approximate amount paid at an earlier time
C4Prior Payment - Actual
Amount paid in reality at an earlier time
C5Claim Amount Due - Estimated
Approximate value rightfully belonging to the individual
C6Claim Amount Due - Actual
Amount to be distributed for medical care
C7Payor Responsibility - Estimated
C8Payor Responsibility - Actual
C9Disallowed Cost Containment - Actual
Amount disallowed by the payer due to the failure of either the provider or insured to meet the cost containment provisions of the insurance contract, managed care contract or preferred provider organization contract under which payment has been requested for this claim
CAContractor Cumulative to Date
CBCollected Balance Required
CCChargeback Claim Amount
CDOverpaid Section 235 Subsidy
The excess amount of assistance payment paid pursuant to Section 235 of the National Housing Act
CDCClean-up Costs Associated with Deficiency
CESummary Amount
The total and condensed amount
CFAppraisal Fees
CGCommission Fees Deducted
CHChange Amount
CIFunds Held for Insured
Funds to which the loan servicer has retained the right of possession as security for a loan
CJOther Deductions
Funds deductible according to mortgage insurer's guidelines for which no specific categories exist
CJLCollections, Judgments, and Liens
CKBack End Load
CLOutstanding Balance Current Lender
CMClaimant Requested Total
The total monies requested for a claim
CMCCompression Charge
CMRCommodity Refund
CNSpecial Assessments
Any additional assessment, other than property taxes, on a property by the local tax jurisdiction for which a lien is or could be attached
COTaxes on Deed
Taxes imposed on a deed by which a property was acquired by the lender and transferred to the mortgage insurer
COACorporate Assets
CPStatutory Disbursements
Expenses required by state or local statutes, including court cost, filing fees, publication cost, etc.
CPOClosing Costs Paid by Any Other Party Other Than Seller or Buyer
CPSClosing Costs Paid by Seller
CQNet Claim Amount
Total disbursements plus interest minus deductions from the claim
CRContractor at Complete
CRCContainer Replacement Cost
CRLContainer Replacement Labor Cost
CRMContainer Replacement Material Cost
CSCommission Sales
Those sales used to calculate commission payments
Indicates the value stated in the contract
CUSubcontractor Cumulative to Date
CVSubcontractor at Complete
CWEarned Value
CYCumulative Budget
CZCumulative Earned Value
DPayor Amount Paid
D0Administration and Management Costs
D1Deferred Compensation Commissions
An income amount comprised of deferred commissions and or bonuses
D2Deductible Amount
The amount of covered expenses that must be incurred by the insured before benefits become payable to the insurer
D3Deferred Compensation Commissions and Bonuses
An income amount comprised of deferred commissions and or bonuses
D4Deferred Compensation
D4DDollar For Dollar Deductions
D5Dependent Care Contribution
D6Disallowed Cost Containment - Estimated
Approximate amount disallowed by the payer due to the failure of either the provider or insured to meet the cost containment provisions of the insurance contract, managed care contract or preferred provider organization contract under which payment has been requested for this claim
D7Dispensing Fee
A charge to prepare and distribute medicines to those who are to use them
D8Discount Amount
A reduction from the usual price
D9Cumulative Actual
DAOriginal Mortgage
The original loan obligation amount on a mortgage note before any mortgage payment is made
DBUnapplied Section 235 Funds
The amount of the earned Section 235 assistance payments pursuant to Section 235 of the National Housing Act that have not been applied
DCUnapplied Buydown Fund
The amount of buydown fund (amount of discount in rate a lender gives to a borrower) that has not been applied
DDDirect Deposit
DEEstimate of Damage
The approximation or assessment of damage sustained by a property
DEIDelayed Interest
DFAuthorized Bid
The balance remaining in the escrow account after all appropriate disbursements have been made on the date of the assignment or conveyance
DFADeferred Assets
DGEscrow Balance
DHTotal Disbursements
The total of all funds disbursed for hazard insurance premiums, taxes, eviction, and other expenses
DICharge Off
DJLiens Amount Original
DKRelease of Lien
DLQDelinquent Taxes
DPFDiscount Points Financed
DPNDiscount Points Not Financed
DPPDefaulted Tax Plan Payment
DRAlimony Expense
DSAlimony Income
DTChild Support Expense
DUChild Support Income
DVSeparate Maintenance Expense
DVPDevelopment Properties
DWSeparate Maintenance Income
DXDeductible Waived
DYPer Day Limit
DZJob-related Expense
EEstimated Credit
Indicates the estimated credit value to be provided
E0Administration and Management Indemnity Charge
Social Benefits Expense for Administration and Management Personnel
E1Employer Year to Date Contribution
E2Employee Annual Pledge Amount
E3Employee Current Contribution
E4Employer Pledge Amount
E5Employer Current Contribution
E6Eligible Wage Amount
E7Employee Year to Date Contribution
E8Education Contribution
E9Initial Fee
Beginning charge before any reductions
EAEarnings Allowance
EAAAdministrative Expenses
EABAir Travel Expenses
EACAmount Forgiven
EADAmount Guaranteed
EAEAmount Over Fair Market Value
EAFAmount Owed
EAGAmount Payable
EAHAmount Raised
EAIAmount Received
EAJAmount Refunded
EAKAmount Rescinded
EALAnonymous Contribution
EAMBalance Owed
EANBank Charges
EAOBank Loan
EAPBrochure Expenses
EAQBus Travel Expenses
EARConsultant Expenses
EASCorrected Amount
EATDisability Expenses
EAUDisposed Amount
EAVDraw Amount
EAWElection Expenses
EAXEndorsement Amount
EAYEntertainment Expenses
EAZExcess Expenses
EBCollected Balance (Excess/Deficit)
EBAExpected Expenditure Amount
EBBExpenditure Amount
EBCFamily Care Expenses
EBDFederal Share Amount
EBEFiling Fee
EBGIn-Kind Contribution
EBHIncurred Amount
EBILoan Amount Plus Interest
EBJLoan Balance
EBKMatching Contribution
EBLMeeting Expenses
EBMMiscellaneous Income
EBNMiscellaneous Receipts
EBONew Loan Amount
EBPNew Unpaid Expenditure
EBQNewsletter Expenses
EBRNewspaper Advertising Expenses
EBSNomination Expenses
EBTNon-Federal Share
EBUOffice Expenses
EBVOffice Rental
EBWOriginal Asset Value
EBXOriginal Loan Amount
EBYParty Expenses
ECAllowance (Excess/Deficit)
ECAPersonal Expenses
ECBPersonal Funds
ECCPledged Amount
ECDPostage Expenses
ECEPrinting Expenses
ECFPublic Funds
ECGRadio Advertising Expenses
ECHReimbursed Amount
ECIReported Amount
ECKSign Expenses
ECLSub-Contract Value
ECMTax Receipts
ECNTaxi Travel Expenses
ECOTelecommunication Expenses
ECPTelevision Advertising Expenses
ECQUnpaid Expenditure
ECRUtilities Expenses
ECUGrand Total
ECVIncidental Expenses
ECWTransportation Expenses
ECXGift Value
ECYFood and Refreshments
ECZPolling Expenses
EDEstimated Cost of Attendance
ED4Tuition and Required Fees
EDBBooks and Supplies
EEOther Expense
EFEstimated Financial Aid
EGOther Income
EHAmount of Mortgages and Liens
EIMortgage Payment(s)
EIPMaintenance Expense on Income Producing Property
EJInsurance, Maintenance, Taxes and Miscellaneous
EKNet Rental Income
ELPresent Market Value
ELTElectroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Adjustment
EMGross Rental Income
ENCancellation Fee
ENPMaintenance Expense on Non-Income Producing Property
ENTEntitlement Amount
EOCapital Reserves
EPEmployer Annual Pledge Amount
The yearly amount that is being pledged by the employer
EQCondominium Association Fees
ERHomeowner Association Fees
ERNEarnest Money
ESMortgage Insurance Proceeds
ETNet Proceeds from Sale of Real Estate Property
ETDEver To Date (ETD) Claim Loss
EUInsurance Proceeds (Primary Settlement)
EVPresale Proceeds
EWPledged Savings
EXAs Is Broker's Opinion
Value, in the opinion of the real estate broker, of the real estate property "as is"
EXCExploration Costs
EYSubject To Broker's Opinion
Value, in the opinion of the real estate broker, of the real estate property subject to repairs
EZUniform Commercial Code Filing Office Fee
FAnnual Limit
F0Commercial Staff Labor Costs
Labor Costs for Support Staff for Sales and Marketing
F1Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) Penalty Copay
Amount paid by individual purchasing drugs when the maximum allowable cost for the drug as determined by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid has been exceeded
F2Patient Responsibility - Actual
Calculated value one receiving medical care is obliged to pay
F3Patient Responsibility - Estimated
Approximate value one receiving medical care is obliged to pay
F4Postage Claimed
Monetary amount rightfully deserved for mailing
F5Patient Amount Paid
Monetary amount value already paid by one receiving medical care
F6Provider Reserves
F7Sales Tax
Monetary amount that a taxing entity requires be added on to the cost of an item based upon the sales price of the item
F8Usual and Customary Charge - Estimated
Approximate charge that is commonly assessed for a service rendered
F9Usual and Customary - Actual
Charge that is commonly assessed for a service rendered
FACoordination Fee
FARFederal Housing Administration (FHA) Appraiser Required Repairs and Improvements
FBCalculation Fee
FBAFinal Balance
FCExpected Family Contribution
FDDirect Deposit Flipped to Check
FFApplication Fee
FGLicensing Fee
FHRegulatory Fee
FIFirst Interest Payment Amount
FJWaiver Fee
FKOther Unlisted Amount
FLAFirst Lien Advance
FMFair Market Value
FOFees Paid
FOAForeign Assets
FPFees Paid Year to Date
FQFirm Contractor Share
FREstimated Government Share
FRBFacilities Refund
FTEndorsement Premium Amount
FTRFuel Tracker Refund
FUCommercial Staff Indemnity Charge
Social Benefits Expense for Support Staff for Sales and Marketing
FVFlat Fee Paid to Date
FWFlat Fee Paid Current Month
FYFirst Payment
FZEarned Income
G0Initial Adjustment Total
G1Indicated Value by Sales Comparison Approach
G2Indicated Value by Income Approach
G3Price per Unit Area
G4Reconciliation of Final Value Estimate
G5Estimated Monthly Market Rent
G6Adjusted Sales Price
G7Sales or Financing Concessions
G8Indicated Value by Cost Approach
G9As-is Value of Site Improvements
GADepreciated Value of Improvements
GATAnnual Tax
GBPrice, High Value
GCPrice, Low Value
GCBCorrected Tax Bill
GCLGross Claim
GDPhysical Depreciation
GEFunctional Depreciation
GFExternal Depreciation
GFDGifts Not Deposited
GFTGift Amount
GGAdjusted Sales Price of Comparable Sales
GHPredominate Value
GIAverage Customer Income
GJAverage Neighborhood Income
GKAverage Customer Purchase
GLWeekly Dollar Sales
GMAverage Case Sales
GOCredit Line
GPAppraisal Repair Amount
GQBrokers Opinion Repair Amount
GRCredit Line Available
GRCGross Contribution
GRDGrants Not Deposited
GRRGross Restoration
GRTGrant Amount
GSSubsequent Adjustments Total
GSPGood Standing Tax Plan Payment
GTGoods and Services Tax
Canadian value-added tax
GTSTotal Supplemental Tax Due
GUTaxes Paid
GUITax Installment Due
GUPTax Installment Paid
GUSTotal Supplemental Tax Paid
GVGross Value
GWTotal Charge
GXTotal Credit
GYTotal Debit
GZTotal Finance Charge
HBid Amount
H0Host Government (government of the institution) Financing for Education
H1Legal Reserves
H3Deposit Inception to Date
H4Deposit Year to Date
H5Dump in Remittance
H7Life Insurance Cash Value
H8Structure Value
H9Original List Price
HCU.S. Treasury Checks
HDPostal Money Orders
HDAHome Equity Line of Credit Draw Amount
HECity Checks
HEMHemophilia Adjustment
HFOther Checks
HGHome Government Financing for Education
HHAnnual Social Security Wages
HIAnnual Social Security Tips
HJAnnual Wages, Tips, and Other Compensation
HKSocial Security Employee Tax Withheld
HLFederal Income Tax Withheld
HMAdvance Earned Income Credit
HOVacation Pay
HOAHead Office Account
HPGross Pay Submitted
HQIntersell Commission Sales
HRTotal Payroll Approved
HSHoliday Pay
HTOvertime Pay
HURegular Pay
HVSick Pay
HWSpecial Pay
HXContract Price
HYCommercial Space Income
HZUtilities Paid by Owner
HZCHazardous Clean-up Cost
I0Life Insurance Coverage
I1Investment Income
I3Price, Gross Living Area
I4Total Estimated Rent
I5Gross Annual Income
I6Custodian's Salary
I7Engineer's Salary
I8Elevator Operator's Salary
I9Indicated Value by Market Approach Estimate of Market Value
IAAdjusted Monthly Rent
IBInvestable Balance
IBLInter-Bank Loans
ICAccrued Unpaid Interest To Be Capitalized
ICRImbalance Charges Refund
IDImport Duty Amount
IEExcise Tax Amount
IFInspection Fee
IGAdjustment for Gross Living Area
IHPredominant Price High
IIIrregular Interest Payment Amount
IJNet Adjusted Monthly Rent
IKIndicated Monthly Market Rent
ILPredominant Price Low
IMAdjustment for Rooms
INBInstallment Balance After the Current Installment is Applied
IOAdjustment for Bedrooms
IPInterest Payable During Repayment Period
IPDInterest per Diem
IQContingent Debt
IRInsurance Recovery
The amount of reimbursement received from a hazard insurance policy on losses sustained
ISIndependent Scholarship
ISSInterest Since Claim Submission
ITIncentive Fee
IUAccrued Unpaid Interest Not To Be Capitalized
IVUtilities Allowance
IVPInvestment Property
IWFurniture Allowance
IZAccount High Balance
JTrustee Fees
J0Limited Partnership Capital
J1Current Face Amount
J2Original Face Amount
J3Fixed Default Note Holder's Amount
J4Initial Monthly Payment
J5Original Principal and Interest Payment
J6Final Principal and Interest Payment
J7Conversion Fee
J8Ending Balance
J9Beginning Balance
JBEquity Claimed as Exempt
JCCounter Claim
JDWeekly Benefit
JFAdministrative Load
JGAsset Cost Applicable to Entire Contract
JHAsset Cost Applicable to Portion of Contract
JIAnnual Fee
JJCost Basis
Amount rolled from previous policy
JKDisability Premium
JLEmployee Additional Contribution
JMEmployee Match Contribution
JNEmployer Contribution
JOFree Look Value
JPFree Withdrawal Value
JQFront End Load
JRGuaranteed Minimum Death Benefit
JSInterim Value
Account value including accumulated interest
JTMonthly Rent
JVLoan Value
JWMarket Value
JXMarket Value Adjusted Value
JYMarket Value Adjustment
JZNet Contract Value
KAttorney and Trustee Fees
K0Discounted Bills not Due
K1Unpaid Security Balance
K2Total Unpaid Security Balance
K3Veterans Affairs Funding Fee
The fee a home buyer pays to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to secure a VA-guaranteed mortgage loan from a VA-approved lender
K4Initial Target Fee
K5Minimum Fee
K6Maximum Fee
K8Special Accounting Classification Reference Number (ACRN) Amount
K9New Price
KAEstimated Contract
The estimated total amount of a contract
KBEstimated Net Adjustment
The estimated net adjustment to be made to a previously transmitted amount
An amount a party has an obligation to pay upon a successful performance by another party, (e.g., funds obligated on a contract)
An indicator that the amount has not yet been established but will be established at a future date
KEAnnual Revenue
The sum of all incomes generated by a business over a period of one year
KFNet Paid Amount
KGNet Collected Amount
KHDeduction Amount
KINet Variance Amount
KJMinimum Contract Amount
KKItem Gross Amount
KLCollected Amount
KMDisbursed Amount
KNGross Amount of Payment
KOCommitted Amount
KPPrincipal and Interest
KQIncremental Order Amount
KRLiability-Long Term
KSTaxes and Insurance
KTDefault Principal
KUDefault Interest
KVLiability-Short Term
KWDefault Taxes and Insurance
KXMiscellaneous Fee Collections
KYNot-To-Exceed Price
KZMortgagor's Monthly Obligations
L0Liquid Assets
L1Legal Contribution
L2Leasehold Insurance Amount
L3Total Unidentified Payments Rejected
L4Total Credits Received
L5Total Debits Received
L6Total Pre-advices Received
L7Total Prenotes Received
L8Total Post-advices Received
L9Total Debit for Settlement
The portion of an estimated amount that has been negotiated and is now a firm amount
LBDefinitized Total
The Total Amount which was previously an estimate that has been negotiated and is now a firm total
LCLessor's Cost
The portion of a total amount that is provided in increments
LDRLand Rights
LELoan Eligibility Amount
LFLoan Remittance or Repayment
LGLaundry Income
LILine Item Unit Price
LJLegal and Audit
LKLoan Amount Requested
LLLump Sum
LNLien Payoff
The amount of a lien which must be paid in order to obtain clear title to a property, including Internal Revenue Services lien, superior liens and Mechanics liens
LOMoney Purchase
LOWLower Fund
LPList Price
LPCTotal Subject Property Liens Paid by Closing
LPFLease Purchase Funds
LPYLease Payments
LQMaximum Potential Liability
LRTotal Credit for Settlement
LSNet Settlement
LSPTotal Liabilities to be Paid at Closing Not Including Subject Property Liens
LSTLoss on Sale Of Property
LTTotal Award
LUOption Amount
LVPlanned Periodic Payment
LWTax and Insurance Escrow Fund Balance
Balance of taxes and insurance funds in escrow or impound account at prescribed cutoff date
LXLoan Expense
LYTotal Remaining Principal Balance for the Issuer
The total principal balance of all the issuer's mortgage loans remaining unpaid
LZDelinquent Payment
MAmount Due from Buyer at Appraisal Notice Date
M0Loans from Officers
M1Maximum Out of Pocket Amount
M2Medical Contribution
M3Tax rate expressed as a flat fee
M4Minimum amount of tax to be paid
M5Minimum amount to which tax rate is applied
M6Maximum amount of tax to be paid
M7Maximum amount to which tax rate is applied
M8Markup Amount
M9Net of Surrender Withdrawal
MAMaximum Amount
MADMiscellaneous Adjustment
MBUndistributed Budget
Budget applicable to contract effort, but not yet assigned to a specific task or activity
MCCost of Money
The costs associated with investing capital in the facilities used on government contracts
MDMinimum Due
MEMinimum Default Note Holder's Cost
MFAdministrative Fees
MGMaximum Late Charge
MHMinimum Late Charge
MIMinimum Incentive Fee
MJMaximum Default Note Holder's Cost
MKGross to Pay
MLPrior Net Invoice Total
MMAModified Mortgage Amount
MNMonthly Limit
MOMinimum Order Value
Minimum value of order allowed
MPMonthly Payment Amount
MQPost Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) Cost Basis
MRManagement Reserve
An amount of the total allocated budget withheld for management control purposes
MSPast-Due Taxes and Assessment Remaining Unpaid
MTPre Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) Cost Basis
MUPremium Tax Paid on Surrender
MVPremium Tax Paid up Front
MWSales Loads
MXMaximum Incentive Fee
MYSurrender Value
MZValuation Price
Indicates the value remaining after all deductions and adjustments have been made
N0Loans or Financial Borrowings
N1Net Worth
N2Individual Income Taxes and Other
N3Corporate Income and Excess Profits Tax
N4Excise Taxes
N5Estate and Gift Taxes
N6Carrier Tax Act Taxes
N7Federal Unemployment Tax Act Taxes
N8Miscellaneous Taxes
N9Withheld and Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) Taxes
NANet Adjustment
NBNet Compensation Position
NBFNet Benefit
NBONet Worth of Business Owned
NCNegative Collected Balance
NCTNet Contribution
NDPer Person Monthly Limit
NENet Billed
Amount billed, less allowable payments from other sources
NFMonthly Net Fee Position (Excess/Deficit)
NGMedicare Copayment
Medicare determined Copayment
NHMedicare Deductible
Medicare determined deductible
NIMedicare Paid
Medicare determined payment
NJOther Insurance Paid Amount
Actual amount paid by a Non-Medicare third party
NKTotal in Force and Applied Coverage
NLNegative Ledger Balance
NMNon-collateralized Amount
NNTransaction Fee
NONon Commission Sales
Those sales not included for commission payment calculation
NPNet to Pay Total
NPPNo Tax Plan Payment
NQAdjusted Nonrecurring
NRENet Restoration Expenses
NSNet Savings Amount
Amount of dollar saving resulting from the use of service, such as Optional Calling Plans
NTUnit Value
NTANew Technology Adjustment
NUReinsurance Amount
NVRenewal Amount
NWRetention Per Life
NXRetention Per Policy
NYNet Year to Date (Excess/Deficit)
NZEqualization Account
Reserve set up for balancing of accounts
OCourt Cost
O0Extraordinary Income
O1Amount of First Mortgage Being Refinanced
O2Other Family Financing for Education
O3Intangible Assets Written Off
O4Interest Payable
O5Interest Receivable
O6Joint Venture Results
Financial result from a joint venture enterprise
O7Long Term Debt
O8Long Term Provisions
OAPrincipal Balance Amount
OBOutstanding Loan Balance
OCOpening Bank Charges
ODDraft Amount
ODCOdorization Charge
OEMiscellaneous Charges
OEQOffice Equipment
OFContractor's Offer
OFCOperational Flow Order Charge
OFROperational Flow Order Refund
OGCable Charge
OHHandling Charges
OINon-commission Charges
OKLetter of Credit Amount
Total of Letter of Credit
OLOutstanding Balance Other Lender
OLAOther Liability Amounts
OMOther Monthly Income
ONNegotiating Bank Charges
ONROperational Notice Refund
OPOriginal Payment Total
OQPayroll Costs
ORLetter of Credit Remaining Amount
OSOther Salaries
OTCommission Amendment Charges
OUTInpatient Outlier Adjustment
OVProfit and Loss Deficit
OWProfit after Extraordinary Items and before Tax
OXProfit after Tax and Before Extraordinary Items
OYPayment Commission
OZProfit Distributed to Employees
P0Parental Financing for Education
P1Partner's Calendar Year Salary
P2Prior Plan Year Gross Salary
P3Premium Amount
The periodic payment required to keep a policy in force
P4Prior Year's Wage
P5Partner's Tax Year Salary
P6Premium Due
P7Partner's K1 Tax Year Amount
P8Partner's K1 Calendar Year Amount
P9Current Mortgage Principal Balance
PAPayment Cancellation Total
PADPolicy Advance
PAMMinimum Delivery Purchase Amount
PANPenalty and Interest
PBBilled Amount
Total amount due on the period bill
PBGProfit (Loss) Before Grants
PCPositive Collected Balance
PCAProcessing Allowance
PCCPrior Contract Cost Basis
PCPPrevious Claim Payments
PCSPrior Contract Surrender Charge
PCVPrior Contract Value
PEPlan Period Election
The amount of money the employee has pledged to contribute to a flexible spending account for a specified period of time
PEXProfit (Loss) after Extraordinary Items and Tax
PGRProposed Gross Rent for the Subject Property
PHPer Occurrence Deductible
PIPer Occurrence Monthly Limit
PJPast Due
PKPhotograph Fee
PLPositive Ledger Balance
PMLast Premium Amount
PNPrior Gross Invoice Total
POPercent Override
The percentage used to calculate the additional commission payment for a Beauty Advisor; this is normally used for a Counter Manager
PPPayment Prior to Advance
PPNPending Net Sale Proceeds from Non-Real Estate Assets
PPRPending Net Sale Proceeds from Real Estate Assets
PQAdvance Amount
PRPer Occurrence Limit
PRDProperty Damage
PRLPartial Payroll Payment
PSPer Occurrence per Day Limit
PTPer Occurrence Aggregate Limit
PUUnsecured Priority Claim
PVPrepetition Charges
PWPer Occurrence Maximum per Week Limit
PXPer Person Maximum per Week Limit
PYPer Person per Day Limit
PZOriginal Principal Balance
QAmount Owed to Buyer at Appraisal Notice Date
Q0Loans to Affiliated Companies
Q21035 Exchange
Q3401K Transfer
Q4Total Prenotes Accepted
Q5Total Prenotes Rejected
Q6Automatic Premium Deduction
Q7Total Post-advices Accepted
Q8Total Post-advices Rejected
Q9Cash With Application
QBCredit Card
QCDeposit Fund
QDDirect Billing
QEDisc Premium
QFElectronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
QGGovernment Allotment
QHInitial Premium
QIIndividual Retirement Account 60 Day Rollover
QJIndividual Retirement Account Direct Transfer
QKIndividual Retirement Account Regular Contribution
QLKeogh/HR 10
QMKeogh/HR 10 Transfer
QNQuarterly Net Fee Position (Excess/Deficit)
QOList Billing
QPModal Premium
QQPayroll Taxes
QRParking Income
QSNon-Qualified (1035 Exchange)
QTPAC - Pre-Authorized Check
QUPayroll Deduction
QWPremium Received With Application
QXProfit Sharing Trust
QZPayment Amount
RSpend Down
Amount that the recipient is applying towards the amount the recipient is responsible for paying each month prior to being eligible for Medicaid services
R0Loans to Participants
R1Fixed, Liquidated Secured Debt
R2Contingent Secured Debt
R3Disputed Secured Debt
R4Unliquidated Secured Debt
R5Fixed, Liquidated Unsecured Debt
R6Contingent Unsecured Debt
R7Disputed Unsecured Debt
R8Unliquidated Unsecured Debt
R9At Time of Filing
RAAccelerated Royalty
RBPer Person Deductible
RCRefund Check
RDPer Person Limit
RERoyalty Due
RGBudgeted Redemption
RHPer Person Aggregate Limit
RIResidual Value
RJRate Amount
RKProvision for Long Term Depreciation
Provision for Depreciation of Assets over one year
RLRegular Remittance
RMRemittance Refund
RNResident Manager's Salary
RPCRepackaging Cost
RQRecommended Amount
RRReserve Requirement Amount
Funds required to be put aside and excluded from earnings on balances; nominally 12%; expressed in dollars
RTLast Payment
RUTotal Debits Rejected
RVTotal Payments Rejected
RWTotal Delinquency
RXTotal Pre-advices Accepted
RYTotal Pre-advices Rejected
RZLender's Total Delinquency
The total amount of delinquent payments due on the mortgage loans held by a lender
SSubmitted Chargeback Claim Amount
S0Self-Financing for Education
S1Salary Amount
S2Salary with Bonuses
S3Salary with Commissions
S4Salary with Subchapter S Corporation Income
S5Salary with Partner's Bonuses
S6Subchapter S Corporation
S7Sole Proprietorship
S8Period Rental
S9Secured Claim Allowed
SACampaign Summary Amount
SAASystem Adjusted Amount
SAGSurplus (Deficit) after Grant
SBStated Amount
SCTotal Service Charge
SDSales Charge
SEService Charges Which Cannot Be Compensated by Balances
Specifically excluded from compensating balance arrangements and must be paid by other means such as fee remittance or direct debt
SFScholarship from Admitting Educational Institution
SFDSecured Borrowed Funds Not Deposited
SGSponsor-Financing for Education
SHSurrender Charge
SISubsequent Interest Payment Amount
SJSurrender Full
SKSurrender Partial
SLSecurity Personnel's Salary
SNSales Administration Expense
SOSpecial Creditors Amount
Creditor reduced claim against debtor by the amount of the debtor's claim against the creditor
SPSales Price
SQSpecial Debtors Amount
SRSecured Claim
SSCampaign Summary Amount to be Shared
SSCShares in Subsidiary Companies
SVFixed Monthly Principal Payment
SWBase Award Fee
SXSeverance Tax
SYInitial Buydown Balance
SZCertification Fee
T0Third-Party Government-Financing for Education
T2Total Claim Before Taxes
The total monies requested for a single claim before any taxes were included
T3Total Submitted Charges
T4Total Current Balance
T5Total Claims
T7Total Credits Accepted
T8Total Credits Rejected
T9Total Debits Accepted
TATotal Annual Sales
TBTotal Annual Sales to Customer
TBCTotal Buyer Closing Costs
TCProposed Cost
The cumulative total of all the costs proposed
TCSTotal Commission from Primary and Secondary Sources
TDProposed Profit
The amount of profit proposed for the successful performance of a proposed contract action
TDATotal Depository Accounts
TEProposed Fee
The amount of fee proposed for the successful performance of a proposed contract action
TENTotal Maintenance Expense on All Non-Income Producing Properties
TEPTotal Maintenance Expense on All Income Producing Properties
TFTotal Proposed Price
The total of the total proposed cost, cost of money, and either total proposed profit or total proposed fee being proposed for successful performance
TGAlternate Proposed Price
An amount not supported by the aggregation of mathematical calculations contained in the proposal that will be accepted by the proposer for the successful performance of a proposed contract action
TGDTotal Gifts Not Deposited
THTotal Claim Allowed
TITitle Insurance Amount on Loan
TISTotal Self-employed Income from Primary and Secondary Sources
TJTime and Expense Paid to Date
TKTotal Amount of Contract
TLTotal Prior Loan Amount Owed
TLATotal Other Liquid Assets
TLVTotal Life Insurance Net Cash Value
TMTime and Expense Paid Current Month
TMMTotal Monetary Markup Amount
TOTelephone Operator's Salary
TOLTotal Omitted Liabilities
TPTotal payment amount
TPATotal Previous Adjusted Claim
TPRTotal Net Proceeds from Real Estate Assets
TPSTotal Paid as Submitted
TQSubsidies for Operating Costs
TRTarget Cost
TRFTotal Retirement Funds
TRITotal Non-rental Income
TRLTotal Resubordinated Liabilities
TRPTotal Liabilities for Rental Properties
TSTotal Sales
The total of commission and non commission sales needed to calculate intersell amount
TSBTotal Stocks and Bonds
TTTotal Transaction Amount
TUTransportation Cost per Unit of Measure
TVLevel of Premium Insurance - Retention
TWTechnicians Indemnity Provision
Social Benefits Expense for Technicians
TXTotal to Date
TYTotal at Complete
TZTransportation Cost Total
U0U.S. Government-Financing for Education
U1Unsecured, Priority Claim Allowed
U2Ingredient Cost Claimed
Charge for a component of a mixture
U3Miscellaneous Expenses
U4Present Value of Lot
U5Cost of Improvements
U6Alterations, Improvements, Repairs
U8LTax Payment Refinanced by Same Lender
U9Estimated Prepaid Items
UAUnliquidated Amount
Amount of money remaining unliquidated on a contract at time of administrative closeout of that contract
UAAUser Adjusted Amount
UBUnpaid Principal Balance
UCUnspecified Aggregate Limit
UDUnsecured, Nonpriority Claim Allowed
UEMortgage Insurance
UEPUpdated Expenses on Presale
UFDiscount (If Borrower Paid)
UFDUnsecured Borrowed Funds Not Deposited
UGTotal Unpaid Principal Balance for Stafford Loans
UHSubordinate Financing
UHIUnsecured Home Improvements
UITotal Costs
UIPUpdated Interest on Presale
UJOther Credits
UKBase Loan Amount (w/o financed Mortgage Insurance)
ULMortgage Insurance Financed
UMTotal Loan Amount
UNUnsecured, Nonpriority Claim
UNKUnknown Tax Plan Payment
UOCash from or to Borrower
UPTotal Unpaid Principal Balance for Parental Loans for Students
UPFUpper Fund
UQMonthly Income
URUnearned Income
USTotal Unpaid Principal Balance for Supplemental Loans for Students
UTValue Added Sales
Sales subject to Value Added Tax
UUClearing House Settlement
The amount of duty paid on material that has been imported then exported
UWTotal Monthly Liabilities
UXUtilities, Furniture, and Amenities Included in Rent
UYTotal Assets
UZTotal Liquid Assets
VCost of Deficiency
V0Value Added
The amount of material or labor added to a product during a transformation process
V1Tax and Insurance Escrow Fund
V2Interest Due to Investor
V3Total Principal Due to the Investor
V4Total Interest Due to the Investor
V5Total Curtailment Due to the Investor
V6Total Principal Payoff and Repurchase Due to the Investor
V7Total Interest Payoff and Repurchase Due to the Investor
V8Actual Outstanding Principal Balance
V9Face Amount
VATotal Current Rent or Mortgage Payment (Issue)
VBTotal Non-liquid Assets
VDActual Person Day Rate
VEEstimated Person Day Rate
VESVested/Earned Upper Fund
VFTotal Monthly Expenses
VGCurrent Monthly Principal and Interest
VHLevy Amount
VICurrent Support
VJPast Due Support
VKMedical Support
VLNet Negative Amortization Amount
VMWithhold From Wages
VNCommission Basis
VOCommission Earned
VPCurrent Monthly Payment
VQCommission Netted
VRTotal Monthly Debt
VSOther Financing Payment
VSIValue of Securities at Issue Date
VSMValue of Securities at Maturity
VTCurrent Value
VUClosing Cost
VVCapitalized Mortgage Amount
VWFirst Mortgage Monthly Principal and Interest
VXInterest Amount Paid to Date
VYMinimum Transfer
VZMaximum Transfer
WDeficiency Judgment Fees
Fees paid by a mortgagee in seeking a judgment from the court against a mortgagor to attach the mortgagor's assets for repayment on the defaulted mortgage
W0Trade Debtors
W2W-2 with Bonuses
W3W-2 with Deferred Compensation
W4W-2 without Bonuses
W5Deposit Sub Total
W6Direct Rollover
W7Direct Transfer
W9Secondary Finance
WAMinimum Deposit
WBSub-Agency Compensation
WCBuyers Agency Compensation
WDVariable Rate Compensation
WECompensation Bonus on Sale of Property
WFVeterans Affairs Loan Guarantee
WGSecurity Trade Amount
WHBalance Owing All Other Liens, Subject Property
WIOther Financing
WJDual Agency Compensation
WKPer Week Limit
WLLender's Opinion of Value
WMTotal Original Principal Balance
WNOther Agent Compensation
WODock Usage Fee
WPPool Usage Fee
WQClubhouse Fee
WROptional Service Fee
WSOther Association Fees
WTPrincipal, Interest, Taxes
WUPrincipal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance
WVTotal Points Paid at Closing
WWAmount that Would Have Been Paid in the Absence of Capitation
WXPoints Paid by Seller
WYLoan Withdrawal
WZSeverance Pay
XDeficiency Judgment Expenses and Fees
The costs and fees incurred by a mortgagee in seeking a judgment from the court against a mortgagor to attach the mortgagor's assets for repayment on the defaulted mortgage
X0Treble Damages
X1Transfer to Untaxed Reserves
X3Rollover Amount
X4Annual Rental
X5Gross Monthly Rent
X6SEP - Self Employee Pension
X8Funding Amount
X9Tax Sheltered Annuity (403B Transfer)
XAMaximum Award Fee
XBMaturity Value
XCEarned Wages
XDBase Period Wage
XFWithdrawal Inception to Date
XGWithdrawal Less Market Value Adjustment
XHWithdrawal Less Surrender
XIWithdrawal Less Taxes
XJWithdrawal Year to Date
XKUnavailable Reserves
XLUncalled Capital
XMUnemployment Contribution
XNUnlimited Capital, Minimum Fixed
XOUnpaid Capital
XPUnsecured Liabilities
XQValue Added Tax
XRValue of Shares
XTVoluntary Reserves
XWOriginal Value
XXWorking Capital
XYSales Price Per Dwelling Unit
XZSales Price Per Room
YCurrent List Price
Y0Self Insurance Amount
Y1Year to Date Eligible Salary
Y2Total Real Estate Owned
Y3Total Liabilities
Y4Total Liability Monthly Payments
Y5Total Real Estate Owned Market Value
Y6Total Real Estate Owned Gross Rental Income
Y7Total Real Estate Owned Mortgages and Liens
Y8Total Real Estate Owned Mortgage Payments
Y9Total Real Estate Owned Miscellaneous Expenses
YATotal Real Estate Owned Net Rental Income
YBActual Unpaid Principal Balance
YCScheduled Unpaid Principal Balance
YDPrincipal Due to Investor
YEConstant Principal and Interest
YFOther Fee Collection
YGBeginning Scheduled Unpaid Principal Balance
YHTax and Insurance Principal Balance
YINew Principal and Interest
YKPrepayment Penalty
YLPartial Annuitization
YMPartial Withdrawal
YNPost Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) Gain
YOPre Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) Gain
YPPolicy Amount
YQPayments in Advance
YRPayments in Arrears
YUIn Process
YXPaid for This Facility
YZTotal Aggregate Limit
ZList Price When Sold
Z0Insertion Cost
Z1Repackaging Labor Cost
Z2Repackaging Material Cost
Z3Unit Cost of Discrepant Material
Z4Liquidation Principal
Z5Remaining Pool Balance
Z6Remaining Security Balance
Z7Program Cost
Z8Override to Handling Fee
Z9Production Cost
ZAFederal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate - Category 1
ZBFederal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate - Category 2
ZCFederal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate - Category 3
ZDFederal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate - Category 4
ZEFederal Medicare or Medicaid Claim Mandate - Category 5
ZFFederal Pension Mandate - Category 1
ZGFederal Pension Mandate - Category 2
ZHFederal Pension Mandate - Category 3
ZIFederal Pension Mandate - Category 4
ZJFederal Pension Mandate - Category 5
ZKFederal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate - Category 1
ZLFederal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate - Category 2
ZMFederal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate - Category 3
ZNFederal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate - Category 4
ZOFederal Medicare or Medicaid Payment Mandate - Category 5
ZPCoupon Face Value
ZQInitial Target Cost
ZTProrated Amount
ZULoan Charge
ZVMortgage Recording Fee
ZWDeed Recording Fee
ZXRelease Recording Fee
ZZMutually Defined

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