259 Change Type Code

Code indicating change type

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 1
AAdd Rate
BOriginal Price Change Transaction
CCancel Previous Price Change Transaction
DDecrease Rate
FConfirmation Of A Discussion Between Buyer And Sales Representative
GAdd Items To A Previous Change Transaction
HDelete Items From A Previous Change Transaction
IIncrease Rate
JReplace All Dates Shown In A Previous Change
KReplace Prices Shown In A Previous Change Transaction
LReplace Restrictions (Conditions) At An Item Level Shown In A Previous Change
MReplace Marketing Area Shown In A Previous Announcement
NChange Having No Effect on Rates
OReplace Restrictions (Conditions) At A Transaction Level Shown In A Previous Change
PReplace Price Area Shown In A Previous Change
QReplace Previous Change Transaction Entirely Because of Multiple Kinds Of Changes Or To Make Changes Not Specifically Indicated By Another Code In This Data Element
RReplace Allowance Rates Shown In A Previous Announcement
XNo Modification

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