647 Application Error Condition Code

Code indicating application error condition

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 3
001Car Not in Umler
002Car Not in Correct Status for Billing
003Duplicate Billing
004Invalid Commodity Code
005Route Error
007Missing Data
008Out of Range
009Invalid Date
010Total Out of Balance
011Not Matching
012Invalid Combination
024Other Unlisted Reason
The reason for the application error condition cannot be described using any other code on the standard code list
026Customer Identification Number is Invalid
027Customer Identification Number Does not Exist
028Customer Identification Number and Entity Name Do not Match
029Customer Identification Number Is Missing
036Invalid Serial Number
101Effective Date Too Early
102Improper Placement of Labels
104Item Already Exists
105Item Marked For Delete
106Item Not Authorized For Buyer Assigned Vendor Number
107Missing or Invalid Location
108Location Received Not On Order
109Negative Value
110Missing Marking Identification at Pack Level
111Duplicate Purchase Order Number
112Missing Product Description 1
113Missing Product Description 2
114Code Not Mapped to Application
115Missing Code for Application
116Retail Price Is Greater Than Suggested Retail Price
117Sender Not Authorized To Submit Ship Notice Data For Buyer Assigned Vendor Number
118Sender Not Authorized To Submit Ship Notice For Item(s)
119Duplicate Shipment Identification Number
120Ship-To Location Not Consistent With Purchase Order Ship-To
121Duplicate SSCC (formerly known as Serial Shipping Container Code)
122Invalid SSCC (formerly known as Serial Shipping Container Code) Range
123Invalid SSCC (formerly known as Serial Shipping Container Code) Structure
124Missing Marking Identification at Tare Level
125Unscannable Labels
126Incorrect Label Format
128Missing Labels on Shipping Container
129Cost Change Not Accepted
130UCC-12 Change Not Allowed
131Zero Value
133Item Not Found On Purchase Order
134Missing or Invalid Invoice Number
136Receiving Location Not On Order
137Allowance Errors
138Purchase Order Closed
139Missing or Invalid Vendor Pack Quantity
140Missing or Invalid Ship-To Location
141Purchase Order Cancelled
142GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) Change Not Allowed
500Misrouted Freight Bill
801Missing or Invalid Transaction Handling Code
802Invalid Debit or Credit Flag Code
803Missing or Invalid Payment Method Code
804Missing or Invalid Payment Format
805Missing Depository Financial Institution (DFI) Qualifier
806Missing or Invalid Financial Institution Transit Routing Number
807Missing or Invalid Originating Account Number
808Missing or Invalid Receiving Account Number
809Missing Effective Entry Date
810Effective Payment Date is Past
811Payment Received Too Far in Advance
812Missing Transaction Reference or Trace Number
813Missing or Invalid Payee Name and Address
814Received After Cutoff Date or Time
815Duplicate Batch
817Duplicate Trace Number
818Missing Control Totals
819Control Totals Amount Error
820Control Totals Count Error
821Control Totals Out of Sequence
822Transaction Set Payment Amount Error
823Payment Pending Credit Approval
824Payment Passed Credit Approval
825Payment Amount Exceeds Approved Credit Limit; Refused
826Non-Sufficient Funds in Account; Refused
827Account Frozen
828Account Transferred
829Payee Deceased
830Refused by Payee
831Missing or Invalid Cancellation Type Code
832Invalid Request or Cancellation Flag
833Invalid Cancellation Request (Item Not in Financial Warehouse to Cancel)
834Missing or Invalid Effective Payment Date
847Closed/Non-Existent Account Number
848Incorrect Data
849Corrected Data
AMissing or Invalid Report Type Code
ASAAssociated Authorization
Other vehicles contained on a multilevel railcar have different shipper authorized destinations than this vehicle
ASVAssociated Vehicle Identification Number(s) Unknown
Other vehicles contained on a multilevel railcar are unknown to the shipper
AVEAssociated Vehicle Identification Number(s) Invalid
Vehicle Identification Numbers (DE539) for other vehicles contained on a multilevel railcar fail check digit verification
BMissing or Invalid Physical Inventory Code
CMissing or Invalid Consignee
CALCurrency Calculation
The amount calculated using the specified exchange rate exceeds the maximum length of the application data field
CHKCheck Being Returned
COVConflicting Authorizations
Commodities are moving on same Freight Bill which have conflicting contract rates or terms
CURInvalid Currency Code
Currency Code (DE100) reported is invalid
DMissing or Invalid Fund Code
DBLDuplicate Bill of Lading Number
Carrier has reused a shippers authorization number assigned to another shipment
DDTDeparture Date Invalid
The move/service date precedes the authorized date
DRCDuplicate Railcar Departure
The railcar reported has a conflicting previous departure on the same date
DTEIncorrect Date
The reported date is incorrect (e.g. premature date for transaction or non-existent date such as February 30)
DUPDuplicate Transaction
The identical transaction has been transmitted more than once within the same input file
EMissing or Invalid Material Condition Code
FMissing or Invalid Management Code
GMissing or Invalid Processing (Count) Date Code
HMissing or Invalid Unit of Measure Code
HUGQuantity of Handling Units Shipped Greater Than the Quantity Specified
HULQuantity of Handling Units Shipped Less Than the Quantity Specified
IMissing or Invalid Source of Supply Code
ICAInvalid Claim Amount
Claim Total does not equal total of claim Line Item Totals
ICGInvalid Charge Allowance Qualifier
The Charge Allowance Qualifier (DE538) reported is invalid
IDCInvalid Decline/Amend Reason Code
The Decline/Amend Reason Code (DE548) reported is invalid
IDNInvalid Department Number
IIDInvalid Identification Code
IMDInvalid Railcar Type
The Equipment Description Code (DE40) reported is invalid
INCIncomplete Transaction
Optional Element(s) required by the application are missing
INFInvalid Status Code
The Vehicle Status Code (DE1094) reported is invalid
IPRStatus Code Previously Reported
The status code reported has previously been processed by the receiver
IQTInvalid Quantity
IWTInvalid Weight
JMissing or Invalid Purpose Code
KMissing or Invalid Ownership Code
LMissing or Invalid Support Request Code
LOCInvalid Damage Area Code
The Damage Area Code (DE556) reported is invalid
MMissing or Invalid Supply Condition Code
MAMissing or Invalid Store Number
MBMissing or Invalid Purchase Order Number
MBLMultiple Bills of Lading
Multiple Bills of Lading have been transmitted for a 3 for 2 shipment (only one bill of lading is required)
MCMissing or Invalid Bill of Lading Number
MDMissing or Invalid Invoice Date
MDNMissing Department Number
MEMissing or Invalid Department Number
MFMissing or Invalid Internal Vendor Number
MGMissing or Invalid U.P.C. Code
MHMissing or Invalid DUNS Number
MIMissing or Invalid SCAC
MIDMissing Identification Code
MJMissing or Invalid Terms
MKMissing or Invalid Ship Date Location
MLMissing or Invalid Sell to Location
MMMissing or Invalid Bill to Location
MNMissing or Invalid Unit Cost
MPMissing or Invalid Non-merchandise Code
MQMissing or Invalid Non-merchandise Cost
MQTMissing Quantity
MRMissing GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
MSInvalid GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
MTMissing GLN (Global Location Number)
MUInvalid GLN (Global Location Number)
MWTMissing Weight
NMissing or Invalid Payer Identification
NAUNot Authorized
The move/service reported by the carrier has not been authorized by the shipper
NCLNo Clearance Authorization
The vessel clearance reported by the carrier has not been authorized by the shipper
NCRNo Clearance Reported
The freight bill submitted by the carrier precedes the vessel clearance
NDPNo Departure Reported
The railcar arrival has been received prior to the railcar departure
NDTNo Termination Date
The move/service/status change reported requires termination of a previously transmitted Vehicle Status Code (DE1094)
NIFInvalid Status Location
The location reported with the Status Code (DE1094) does not match any move/service locations authorized by the shipper
NOCAutomated Clearinghouse (ACH) Notification of Change
NODNot on Departure
Vehicle Identification Numbers reported on railcar arrival do not match Vehicle Identification Numbers reported on railcar departure
NRANo Railcar Arrival
A subsequent shipper authorized move/service has been reported prior to reported arrival of a railcar
NRSProduct is Not in the Receiver's System
OMissing or Invalid Issuer Identification
Unspecified application error
PMissing or Invalid Item Quantity
PNDPending Payment
The freight bill/invoice/waybill has previously been transmitted and is awaiting maturity of credit terms prior to payment
POIPurchase Order Number Invalid
PPDPreviously Paid
The freight bill/invoice/waybill has previously been paid
PRMPrimary Inspection Not Received
A Motor Vehicle Inspection Details transaction containing a Supplemental Inspection indicator (DE835) has been reported prior to the primary inspection
QMissing or Invalid Item Identification
The number of items on the freight bill/invoice/waybill does not equal the number of unique segments which specifically identify those items
RMissing or Invalid Support Date
RATNo Rate Available
The shipper is unable to determine the rate for the move/service reported by the carrier
RTEInvalid Shipper's Route Code
The shippers route code reported by the carrier is invalid
RTNAutomated Clearinghouse (ACH) Return Items
RURate Unverifiable
Carrier is unable to verify the rate reported by the shipper
SMissing or Unauthorized Transportation Mode/Method Code
The Standard Carrier Alpha Code (DE140) reported is invalid
SCDInvalid Vehicle Service Code
The Vehicle Service Code (DE1062) reported is invalid
SEVInvalid Damage Severity Code
The Damage Severity Code (DE541) reported is invalid
SPLInvalid SPLC Code
The Standard Point Location Code (DE154) is invalid
STAShipment Picked Up After the Date Specified by the Ship Window
STPShipment Picked Up Prior to the Date Specified by the Ship Window
STRInvalid Storage Days Calculation
The number of storage days billed does not equal the difference between arrival date and departure date less grace days
TUnauthorized Transaction Set Purpose Code
The vessel clearance reported was authorized by the consignee rather than by the shipper
TYPInvalid Damage Type Code
The Damage Type Code (DE540) reported is invalid
UMissing or Unauthorized Transaction Type Code
UAUUsed Authorization
The move/service reported has previously been reported as completed
UCNUnknown Claim Number
The claim number reported by the carrier is unknown to the claimant
UKNUnknown Move/Service
The move/service reported has not been mutually defined by the trading partners
UNPInvalid Unit Price
UNVUnknown Vehicle Identification Number
The reported Vehicle Identification Number (DE539) is unknown to the shipper
VMissing or Unauthorized Action Code
VINInvalid Vehicle Identification Number
The reported Vehicle Identification Number (DE53) fails the check digit calculation
VNDVehicle Not Departed
Storage charges have been billed prior to reported departure of a vehicle from storage
VOSOffsite Storage
Storage charges have been reported for an item known to be at another location
WOutside Ship Window
ZDSZero Storage Days
The arrival and departure dates are equal, per diem storage charges have not accrued
ZZZMutually Defined

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