1009 Administration of Justice Organization Type Code

Code identifying a type of organization or entity involved in the administration of justice

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
AU.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
ABAtomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel (ASLBP)
ADAdministrative Court
AGState Attorney General
AJAdministrative Law Court
ALAlderman's Court
AMAmerican Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)
ASAssociate Court
BU.S. Bankruptcy Court
CU.S. Claims Court
CACourt of Criminal Appeals
CBCorporation Court
CHChancery Court
CICircuit Court
CLCounty Court at Law
CMCourt of Claims
CNConciliation Court
COCommon Claims Court
CPCourt of Common Pleas
CRCriminal Court
CSConstitutional County Court
CTCounty Court
CVCivil Court
CYCity Court
DU.S. District Court
DADistrict Attorney
DIDistrict Court
DJDistrict Justice Court
DMState Department of Motor Vehicles
DODomestic Court
DSDistrict Judge System Court
FFederal Bureau of Investigation
FCFamily Court
GSGeneral Session Court
HOHousing Court
HPHighway Patrol
HUHustings Court
IInternational Trade Court
ICInferior Court
JU.S. Attorney
JCJustice Court
JPJustice of the Peace
JUJuvenile Court
LALand Court
LELaw and Equity Court
MU.S. Military Appeals Court
M1General Court Martial
M2Special Court Martial
M3Summary Court Martial
MAMagistrate Court
MCMagisterial Court
MPMilitary Police
MUMunicipal Court
MYMayor's Court
OROrphan's Court
OTOther Unlisted Administration of Justice Organization Type
PCParish Court
PKU.S. Park Police
POPolice Court
PPPark Police
PRProbate Court
SU.S. Supreme Court
SAState Appellate Court
SBState Bureau of Investigation
SCSmall Claims Court
SDAppellate Division of Superior Court
SJSpecial Justice Court
SOSingle Presiding Officer
SPState Police
SRSurrogate Court
SSState Supreme Court
STState Court
SUSuperior Court
TU.S. Department of Transportation
TATax Court
TBTribal Court
TJTrial Justice Court
TOTown Court
TRTraffic Court
UU.S. Commissioner
VU.S. Veteran's Appeals Court
WAWater Court
XMulti District Litigation Panel
ZZMutually Defined

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