1032 Claim Filing Indicator Code

Code identifying type of claim

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
01Property Conveyance
Mortgagee obtains property through foreclosure or by deed-in-lieu after default
02Mortgage Assignment
Mortgagee assigns mortgage in default to mortgage insurer
03Automatic Mortgage Assignment
Certain insured mortgages not in default assigned to mortgage insurer after 20 years
04Mortgage Coinsurance
Mortgagee acquires property after default and sells; loss on sale is shared by mortgage insurer and mortgagee
05Supplemental Claim
Amendment to application made when additional amounts are owed or due
06Property Nonconveyance (Claim without Conveyance of Title)
Property is not conveyed by the mortgagee, but may be sold to a third party at the foreclosure sale
07Property Preforeclosure Sale
Property sold by mortgagor to avoid foreclosure; mortgagee can file a claim for the difference between net sale proceeds and indebtedness
08Initial Claim
First claim filed by the insured for mortgage insurance benefits
10Central Certification
11Other Non-Federal Programs
12Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
13Point of Service (POS)
14Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)
15Indemnity Insurance
16Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Medicare Risk
17Dental Maintenance Organization
18Deed-in-Lieu Property Sold
19Deed-in-Lieu Property Not Sold
20Foreclosure Complete Property Sold
21Foreclosure Complete Property Not Sold
22Liability Insurance
31Special Forbearance
32Loan Modifications
33Partial Claim
34Managed Dental
AMAutomobile Medical
BLBlue Cross/Blue Shield
CICommercial Insurance Co.
FIFederal Employees Program
HMHealth Maintenance Organization
LMLiability Medical
MAMedicare Part A
MBMedicare Part B
MDMedicare Part D
MEMedicare Advantage Plan
MHManaged Care Non-HMO
OFOther Federal Program
SASelf-administered Group
TVTitle V
VAVeterans Affairs Plan
WBWorkers' Compensation First Report of Injury
WCWorkers' Compensation Health Claim
WDWorkers' Compensation Subsequent Report of Injury
WEWorkers' Compensation Combined First and Subsequent Report
ZZMutually Defined

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