1230 Type of Product Service Code

Code specifying the type of product service contract or the basis of the product service claim

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 4
AFAuthorized Field Change
Manufacturer's decision to modify/correct a select group of product operating under a defined set of parameters
BCLife of Contract
A program initiated by the product's manufacturer to check, adjust, or recall a product for a particular problem; an example on a vehicle could be a safety or emission related recall coordinated with or through the United States government
CBCall Back
CCCustomer Courtesy
CGCustomer Goodwill Parts Adjustment
Goodwill adjustment on replacement parts
CPCustomer Goodwill Policy Adjustment
Goodwill adjustment on original equipment
CRCredit for In-house Repair - Labor and Material
CSCustomer Goodwill Sales Adjustment
Goodwill adjustment to satisfy customer, however, no product defect was present
CWCustomer Warranty
DDDealer Demonstration Warranty
DWDealer Warranty
ECEngineering Change Activity
EDExtended Dealer Warranty
EEExtended Equipment Coverage
EFEngineering Field Test
EMEmissions Warranty
EWExtended Vendor Warranty
FCFleet Contract
FWFull Warranty
GCGovernment Contract
GMGovernment Mandated
GRGovernment Recall
IOInformation Only
No payment expected
LFLifetime Warranty
LLLifetime Limited Warranty
LOLabor Only
LPLife Percentage
LWLimited Warranty
MBMoney Back Guarantee
MCMilitary Contract
MGMaintenance Cost Guarantee/Warranty
Warranty based on an established "not to exceed" maintenance cost which provides reimbursements for overpayment; the most common rates used are average repair cost per unit per year and cost per operating hour
MIMaterial Inspection
No payment expected
MRManufacturer Recall
MSManufacturer Standard
NENew Equipment Warranty
OWOption Warranty
PDPrior to Delivery
Repair performed prior to the equipment/vehicle being delivered/registered to the customer
PGPerformance Guarantee/Warranty
Warranty based on an established standard of performance which provides reimbursements for substandard operation; this could involve rates such as meantime between failure (MTBF) or average miles per gallon
PLParts and Labor
POParts Only
PWPurchase Warranty
QPQuality Problem Referral
RCReturn for Warranty Claim
RDReceived Damage
RNRecall Notice
RPReplacement Part Warranty
RRReturn for Warranty Repair
RSRepeat Service
RTReturn Warranty Replacement
SBService Bulletin
SCService Contract
SDShipment Damage
SPSpecial Program
Extended participation by the manufacturer (beyond standard warranty terms)
SSSpecial Sales Allowance
STStandard Warranty
SWSoftware Warranty
TCTransportation Claim
Any non-warranty repair due to loss or damage to the equipment/vehicle while in the possession of the carrier
TPThird Party Repair
Repair was performed by a non-original equipment manufacturer's repairing outlet but the repair was authorized by the OEM
UEUsed Equipment Warranty
WCWarranty Concession

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