1294 Return Response Reason Code

Code indicating the response to a request to return items

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
EWExcessive Wear and Tear
Supplier has determined goods were not used as intended
FRFreight or Retailer Damage
Damage to goods occurred after shipment
INItem not Defective
Supplier finds goods in working condition
IOItem as Ordered
Goods as described or ordered
MIMore Information Requested
Supplier cannot make authorization without additional information
NRNo Record of Original Sale
Supplier will not authorize return of goods it did not sell
OSOut of Season or Discontinued Line Item
Supplier refuses return of or inactive goods
PCPricing or Cost Difference
Supplier disallows return due to price or cost discrepancy
PRPicture Requested
Supplier requests a photograph of goods prior to authorization to determine condition of goods
QDQuantity Difference
Supplier indicates order or invoice quantity was different than quantity to be returned
RRRepair or Refurbish
Supplier is authorizing seller to keep goods, and supplier will pay an agreed upon amount to repair or refurbish
RTReturn Time Limit Exceeded or Beyond Warranty Period
Supplier declines return based upon a specific date or window of time
SRSample Requested
Supplier is pending authorization until a sample has been sent
UIUnidentifiable Item
Supplier does not recognize the goods in question

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