1387 Rate Qualifier Code

Code indicating the type of interest rate

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
1Reserve Requirement Rate - Demand Deposit Account (DDA)
2Analysis Earnings Credit Interest Rate Not Yet Net of Reserves
2AAnalysis Earnings Credit Interest Rate Net of Reserves
3Book/Ledger Balance Overdraft Interest Rate
4Collected Balance Overdraft Interest Rate
5Deficiency Balance Interest Rate
6Treasury Tax and Loan (TT & L)
7Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
8Overdraft Reserve Requirement Recover
9Federal Funds
11Mutually Defined
12Reserve Requirement Rate - Non-Demand Deposit Account (Non-DDA)
13Money Market (MMA)
14Negotiable Order of Withdrawal Reserve (NOW)
15Certificate of Deposit (CD)
CFCurrent Factor
CRCoupon Rate
CXCurrency Exchange
DADemand Deposit Account Interest
DIDeficiency Interest Rate
DSDeficiency Surcharge Rate
NBBook/Ledger Balance Net Overdraft Interest Rate
NCCollected Balance Net Overdraft Interest Rate
PBPrincipal Balance Factor
PFPrincipal and Interest Factor
STStandby (Letter of Credit)
UFUncollected Funds Usage Interest Rate

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