1398 Inquiry Selection Code

Code indicating what the requestor wants included or excluded from the response to an inquiry

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
0Include Summary Totals
1Exclude Sublocation
2Exclude All Synonyms
3Include All Synonyms
4Stop Processing after Look-up
5Stop Processing after Machine Match
6Stop Processing after Merge/Purge
7Include Asset Details
8Include Breakdown of Capital
9Include Liability Details
AInclude Capital
AAInclude Forecasts
ABInclude Ownership Breakdown
ACInclude Historical Amounts
APManual Processing
BInclude Comparatives
CInclude Current Assets
DInclude Current Liabilities
EInclude Facility Description
FInclude Income Statement
GInclude Insurance
HInclude Loan Details
IInclude Location Description
INInclude Expense Breakdown
JInclude Long Time Liabilities
KInclude Net Worth Reconciliation
LInclude Starting Capital
MInclude Non-current Assets
NInclude Percentages
OInclude Ratios
OPOn-line Processing
PInclude Sales and Net Worth
QInclude Statement Explanation
RInclude Trends
SInclude Updated Figures
TInclude Tax Details
UInclude Financing
VInclude Term Detail
WInclude Net Worth and Equity Details
XInclude Credit Amounts
YInclude Evaluation

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