1432 Business Purpose of Assurance Code

Code specifying the business purpose of the appended assurance to an existing secured-entity (whether functional group or transaction set); the codes represent the intention of the business or application that has control over the assurance originator

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
AGRAuthorization Signature Appropriate to this Document, Receipt Requested
APRAuthorization to Service Provider, Receipt Requested
ASGAuthorization Signature Appropriate to this Document
ASPAuthorization to Service Provider
CGRAuthorization Co-signature Appropriate to this Document, Receipt Requested
CSGAuthorization Co-signature Appropriate to this Document
EARApproval Certification of Environmental Protection Agency, Receipt Requested
EPAApproval Certification of Environmental Protection Agency
EPRExport Approval Certification, Receipt Requested
EXPExport Approval Certification
MCRMedical Report Release Certification, Receipt Requested
MRRMedical Record Release Certification
NRRNon-repudiation of Receipt
PPSPaid Preparer's Signature
PRPPreparer's Signature
PRRPreparer's Signature, Receipt Requested
PSRPaid Preparer's Signature, Receipt Requested
SFRSignature Forwarded Independent of Referenced Document, Receipt Requested
SFSSignature Forwarded Independent of Referenced Document
SIRNon-repudiation of Receipt, Receipt Requested
TAXAuthorization Signature Appropriate to Submitter of Filing of Taxation Return (TS 813 and others) and under Penalties Prescribed by the Relevant Laws
TSOTime Stamp Only (No Responsibility for Contents)
ZZRMutually Defined, Receipt Requested
ZZZMutually Defined

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