1602 Bill of Lading Charge Code

Code identifying the type of Bill of Lading charge

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
ADFAdvance Fee
ADVAdvance Amount
BLKBlocking and Bracing Charge
CODCash on Delivery
COLFee for Collecting COD
DELDelivery Charge
DEPDetention of Power Unit
DETDetention of Trailer
DIBDiversion and Reconsignment
EICExport and/or Import Charge
EXCExclusive Use Charge
FLTFlat Charge
FSCFuel Surcharge
IDLInside Delivery
IPUInside Pickup
LDALoading Allowance
LDLUnloading Allowance
MILMileage Charge
MINMinimum Charge
MRKMarking or Tagging Charge
MSGMiscellaneous Charge
ONCOrder Notify Charge
PLAPlacement Charge
PWHPier Charges - Wharfage
REPResidential Pickup
RESResidential Delivery
SOCStop Charge
SPUSingle Pickup
SUFSufferance Warehouse
ZZZMutually Defined

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