1636 Account Relationship Code

Code indicating relationship or type of account an entity maintains with a vendor or financial institution

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
1Checking Account
2Investment Account
3Liquid Assets Account
4Master Account
5Open Line of Credit
6Special Account
ABorrowing Account
BBorrowing Account with Established Credit Line
CCertificate of Deposit
ECommercial Loan
FCredit Line
FSFlexible Spending Account
GDemand Loan
HDiscount Note
HRHealth Reimbursement Account
HSHealth Savings Account
IFloor Plan
JInstallment Loan
MNegotiable Order on Withdrawal (NOW) Account
Interest bearing checking account
OTime Deposit
PTime Loan
RAccount Maintained
SNon-Borrowing Account
TNot Primary Account
UPrimary Account
ZMutually Defined

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