1691 Object Type Qualifier

Code identifying type of object

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 3
1Computer Environment Type
2Computer Environment Version
3Computer Environment Release
4Computer Environment Status
5Computer Environment Name
6Non-ASC X12 Security Level Code
7Non-ASC X12 Security Version
8Non-ASC X12 Security Release
9Non-ASC X12 Security Technique
10Non-ASC X12 Security Free Text Information
11File Identification By Number
12File Identification By Name
13File Format
14File Version
15File Release
16File Status
17File Size
18File Description
19File Block Type
20File Block Length
21File Record Length
22Program Identification By Number
23Program Identification By Name
24Program Type
25Program Version
26Program Release
27Program Status
28Program Description
29Program Size
35Compression Technique Identification
36Compression Technique Version
37Compression Technique Release
38Drawing Identification By Name
39Drawing Identification By Number
40Drawing Type
41Drawing Format
42Drawing Version
43Drawing Release
44Drawing Status
45Drawing Size
46Drawing Description
47External Standard Requirement
48Character Set Repertoire Identification
49Character Set Encoding Technique
50Character Set Encoding Technique Code Page
51Certificate Type
52Certificate Version
53Certificate Release
54Certificate Status
55Certificate Level
56Certificate Identification By Name
57Certificate Identification By Number
58Certificate Format
59Certificate Code Page

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