1772 Frequency Pattern Code

Code indicating the frequency pattern used between the contracting parties

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
DTDate Time
EPEnd of Program
FIFiscal Year
FMFiscal Month
M1Monthly - 12, as specified
M2Monthly - 13, 4 week months
M3Monthly - Fiscal 4-4-5
M4Monthly - Fiscal 4-5-4
M5Monthly - Fiscal 5-4-4
MCMonthly Calendar
MDMonth to Date
NDNumber of Days
QCQuarterly Calendar
QDQuarter to Date
QFQuarterly Fiscal - 13 Week
R4Rolling 4 week period
RYRolling 52 week period
SPSpecified time period
TPTime of Performance
TSTime of Sale
Y2Year to Date

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