365 Communication Number Qualifier

Code identifying the type of communication number

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01Additional Trade Item Description URL
02Cash Register Description URL
03Consumer Usage Storage Instructions URL
04Cooking Suggestions URL
05Customer Service URL
06Direct Product Markings Description URL
07Feature and Benefits URL
08Finish Description and Image URL
09Beauty Image URL
The beauty image illustrates how the product may be used or served. Examples are images of a patio set including people sitting around the table or a bowl of oatmeal served with steam rising.
10Image Information URL
11Label Storage Information URL
12Marketing Message URL
13Promotion Markings URL
14Precautionary Statement URL
15Preparation Instructions URL
16Product Information URL
17Serving Suggestions URL
18Shape Description URL
19Warranty Information URL
AAInternational Telephone Access Code
Dialing Code required to call another country in addition to the number
ABJoint Facsimile and Phone Number
ACMessage Only Voice Number
Telephone number which provides automated messages only
ADDelivery Location Phone
AEArea Code
ALAllergen Information URL
APAlternate Telephone
ASAnswering Service
AUDefense Switched Network
Department of Defense telecommunications system and successor of the Automatic Voice Network (AUTOVON)
BNBeeper Number
BRBrochure URL Address
BTBTX Number
German communications number for on-line service provided through the Deutsche Bundespost
CIConflict Mineral Information URL
CMCertification Mark Image URL
CNConsumer Support Phone Number
CPCellular Phone
CSAllergen Consumer Support Phone Number
CTCertification URL
DNDefense Data Network (DDN)
Department of Defense (DoD) data communications system
EAInternet Email Address
Internet based electronic mail address with a structure of "ADDRESSEE @ DOMAIN NAME . DOMAIN NAME EXTENSION"
EDElectronic Data Interchange Access Number
EMElectronic Mail
ENFull Engineering Drawing URL
EXTelephone Extension
FTFederal Telecommunications System (FTS)
FUFacsimile User Identifier
HFHome Facsimile Number
HPHome Phone Number
ITInternational Telephone
MNModem Number
NPNight Telephone
OFOther Residential Facsimile Number
OTOther Residential Telephone Number
PAAppointment Phone
PCPersonal Cellular
PPPersonal Phone
PSPacket Switching
Q1Image Link
Q2Image Information Link
Q3Allergen Information Link
Q4Warranty Information Link
Q5Customer Service Link
Q6Product Information Link
Q7Organic Information Link
Q8Organic Certification Link (agency)
Q9Diet Type Certification Link
QAImage Thumbnail URL
R1Diet Type Consumer Support Phone Number
R2Installation Video URL
R3Technical Drawing URL
R4Manufacturer Product Website URL
R5Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS or SDS) URL
R6User Manual URL
R7Pallet Configuration URL
R8Product Specification URL
R9Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Material Composition URL
RAInstallation Instructions URL
S1Service Manual URL
S2Technical Bulletin URL
S3Video Clip URL
S4Warranty Information Link
S5Wiring Diagram URL
SPShowing Phone
Phone number to call for information about a property showing
TD3D Rendering URL
TNTeletex Number
Teletex is specific type of Telex service provided by Deutsche Bundespost
TSText Message Address
A communication protocol allowing for instant communication between parties using a text messaging service, such as Short Message Service (SMS)
URUniform Resource Locator (URL)
VMVoice Mail
WCWork Cellular
WFWork Facsimile Number
WPWork Phone Number

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