432 Date Qualifier

Code specifying type of date

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01Cancel After This Date
02Delivery Requested on This Date
03Invoice Date
04Purchase Order Date
05Sailing Date
06Sold Date
07Effective Date
08Purchase Order Received
09Process Date
10Requested Ship Date/Pickup Date
11Shipped on This Date
12Terms Discount Due Date
13Terms Net Due Date
14Preferred Payment Date
15Promotion Start
16Promotion End
17Estimated Delivery Date
18Date Available/Constructive Replacement
19Date Unloaded
20Check Date
21Charge Back Date
22Freight Bill Date
23Promotion Order Date - Start
24Promotion Order Date - End
25Promotion Ship Date - Start
26Promotion Ship Date - End
27Promotion Requested Delivery Date - Start
28Promotion Requested Delivery Date - End
29Promotion Performance Date - Start
30Promotion Performance Date - End
31Promotion Invoice Protection Date - Start
32Promotion Invoice Protection Date - End
33Promotion Floor Stock Protect - Start
34Promotion Floor Stock Protect - End
35Delivered on This Date
36Expiration Date
37Ship Not Before Date
38Ship Not Later Than Date
39Ship Week Of Date
40Original Purchase Order Date
41Date Invoice Created
42Buy Period Date - Start
43Buy Period Date - End
44Arrival at Destination Yard
46Actual Placement
48Customs Release
49Duty Paid
50Charged From
51Charged To
53Deliver Not Before Date
54Deliver No Later Than Date
55Deliver Week Of
56Actual Free Time Expiration Date
57Guarantee Expiration Date
58Price Change Last Order Date
59Price Change Last Arrival Date
60Price Change Last Ship Date
61Price Change Effective Date
62Accrual Start Date
63Accrual End Date
64Must Respond By
67Delivered By This Date
68Requested Delivery Date
69Scheduled Pickup Date
70Scheduled Delivery Date
71Est. Next Promo. Date Start
72Est. Next Promo. Date End
73Est. Next Promo. Ship Date Start
74Estimated Next Promotion Ship Date End
76Bill of Lading
77Pickup Appointment Scheduled Date
78Delivery Appointment Scheduled Date
79Pickup Requested Scheduled Date
80Delivery Requested Scheduled Date
81Pickup Appointment Granted Date
82Delivery Appointment Granted Date
83Equipment Furnished Date
84Bill of Lading Initiated Date
85Date Issued
86Actual Pickup Date
87First Order Date
88First Ship Date
89First Arrival Date
90Requested Pack Date
91Superseded Date
92Spot for Load Date
When carrier is to leave trailer at shipper location to be available for loading
93Spot for Unload Date
When carrier is to leave trailer to be used for storage
94Spot for Storage Date (No Shipment)
When carrier is to leave trailer to be held in storage until required
95Spot for Load Exchange Date (Export)
When carrier is to leave trailer at prearranged location to allow for load exchange
96Scheduled Pickup Date, Needs Confirmation
97Scheduled Delivery Date, Needs Confirmation
98Scheduled Pickup Date, Appointment Confirmed
99Scheduled Delivery Date, Appointment Confirmed
AAStore Inventory Stock
ABWarehouse Inventory Stock
BBTransaction Control Date
The date when a transaction was prepared
BCPublication Date
The date when a document was published
BDRequired By
The date when material is required to be on a site available for use
The date when material obligations were verified
BFPack Date
The date when requested material was packaged
BGBackorder Release Date
The date when backordered material was made available for issue
BHOffered for Delivery
The date when material was offered for delivery by a carrier
The date when material was inspected
BJShelf-Life Expiration
The date when material will become unusable
BKWarranty Expiration
The date when a manufacturer's warranty expires
The date when equipment or material was manufactured
BMContract Physically Completed
Date contractor made final delivery or performed last service
BNContract Final Payment
Date final payment on contract was made
BOEstimated Contract Completion
Estimated date when contract will be completed
BPContract Closed
Date contract was administratively completed and closed
BQExtended Closeout
New date, beyond the required closeout date, when contract is authorized to be closed
BRDate Delivery Commenced
Date that delivery process is initiated
BSProduct Receipt Date
Date that receipt takes place
Date material delivery is accepted
Date that rejection action takes place
Date action is recorded against accountable records
The date on which a document (e.g., a contract) was signed
The date when next required action is to be completed
BYExpected Reply
The date when response may be expected
BZDemand Receipt Date
Date of receipt of the demand document as recorded in that document by the initial recipient in the supply distribution system
C1Consumer Product Variant Start Effective Date
The start effective date for Consumer Product Variants, which the supplier determines. Includes time.
C2Consumer Product Variant End Effective Date
The end effective date for Consumer Product Variants, which the supplier determines. Include time.
C3Consumer Product Variant Discontinued Date
The date on which the consumer product variant of the trade item, which has been manufactured, is no longer being manufactured. Includes time.
C4Consumer Product Variant Cancelled Date
The date on which the cancellation of the consumer product variant launch of a trade item that was never, and will never be manufactured, occurs.
CACutoff Date
The date defining the last day of record for the current processing cycle
CBBeginning Date of Customer Plant Shutdown
CEEnding Date of Customer Plant Shutdown
CLDate Loading Completed
EPEarliest Pickup Date
ESEstimated Shipping Date
FDFreshness Date
KAScheduled Service Completion
The date on which a service is scheduled to be completed
LALast Acquisition
The date of the last acquisition for production services
LCDate Loading Commenced
LDLast Demand
The date when the last request for material was recorded
LPLatest Pickup Date
MPMapping Product Effective Date
OSOn-Sale Date
Date an item will go on-sale
PEPeriod End
RSReady to Ship
SEDate Shipped to Port of Embarkation (POE)
TAOriginal Transaction

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