513 Effective Entry Date

Date the originating company intends for the transaction to be settled.

Element 513 is not present in X12 Release 8010. Please switch to one of the following releases to view the documentation.
Appears in
  1. Version 3
    1. X12 Release 3050 Released 1995
    2. X12 Release 3040 Released 1994
    3. X12 Release 3030 Released 1993
    4. X12 Release 3020 Released 1992
    5. X12 Release 3010 Released 1991
  2. Version 2
    1. X12 Release 2040 Released 1989
    2. X12 Release 2003 Released 1988
    3. X12 Release 2002 Released 1988
    4. X12 Release 2001 Released 1987

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