52 Export License Symbol Code

Code specifying the export symbol marked on a shipment

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
1G-Dest - Shipments of Commodities to Destination Not Requiring a Validated License
2GLV - Shipments of Limited Value
3GIT - In-transit Shipments
4GUS - Shipments to Personnel and Agencies of the U.S. Government
5GLC - Exports of Commercial Vehicles by Certain Civil Airlines and by Private Common Carrier
6GTF-US - Goods Imported for Display at U.S. Exhibitions or Trade Fairs
7GLR - Return or Replacement of Certain Commodities
8GIFT - Shipment of Gift Parcels
9GATS - Aircraft on Temporary Sojourn
10GMS - Shipments Under the Mutual Security Act
11GTD & GTDR - Technical Data
Shipment under validated State Department license
13General License Non-naval Reserve (G-NNR)
Shipments of certain non-naval reserve petroleum
14General License Cooperating Governments (GCG)
Shipments to agencies of cooperating countries
15Registered Carrier Stores (RCS)
Shipments to U.S. or Canadian vessels, planes, and air installations or agents
16General License - Temporary (G-Temp)
Temporary exports
17General License Free World (GFW)
Low-level exports to certain countries
CNAutomated Export System (AES) Ultimate Destination Canada
DPAutomated Export System (AES) Diplomatic Pouches
GGeneral Export License Required
GSAutomated Export System (AES) Shipments to U. S. Agencies
HHAutomated Export System (AES) Household Shipment
HRAutomated Export System (AES) Human Remains
MSAutomated Export System (AES) U. S. Military Supplies
PPAutomated Export System (AES) Personal Property
UPAutomated Export System (AES) Shipments between US Possesions except Virgin Islands
URAutomated Export System (AES) Unreported Low Value Shipment
VValidated Export License Required

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