670 Change or Response Type Code

Code specifying the type of change to the line item

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
AAPacking Configuration
AIAdd Additional Item(s)
CAChanges To Line Items
CBChange of Date Terms
CCChanges To Terms
CEChanges To Item Level Allowance/Charges
CFCancel Previously Transmitted Purchase Order
CGChanges To Total Level Allowance/Charges
CHChange To Original Confirmation Of Original Announcement
CIChange To Confirmation Of Revised Announcement
CTChange of Dates
DIDelete Item(s)
MU(Multiple) For Unit Price Quantity Reschedule Change
NCConcurrent Item (No Change)
OAOriginal Confirmation Of Revised Announcement
OCOriginal Confirmation Of Original Announcement
PCPrice Change
PQUnit Price/Quantity Change
PRUnit Price/Reschedule Change
QCQuantity Change
QDQuantity Decrease
QIQuantity Increase
RAReplace Mode of Shipment
RBReplace All Dates
RCReject Item Change
REReplacement Item
RMReplacement Item with Modifications
RQReschedule/Quantity Change
RZReplace All Values
Receiver should replace the corresponding values in the original purchase order with the values contained in the Purchase Order Change Transaction Set
TITransfer Item

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