678 Ship/Delivery or Calendar Pattern Code

Code specifying the routine shipments, deliveries, or calendar pattern

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
11st Week of the Month
22nd Week of the Month
33rd Week of the Month
44th Week of the Month
55th Week of the Month
61st & 3rd Weeks of the Month
72nd & 4th Weeks of the Month
81st Working Day of Period
9Last Working Day of Period
AMonday through Friday
BMonday through Saturday
CMonday through Sunday
LMonday through Thursday
MCBy Appointment Only
NAs Directed
ODaily Mon. through Fri.
P1/2 Mon. & 1/2 Thurs.
Q1/2 Tues. & 1/2 Thurs.
R1/2 Wed. & 1/2 Fri.
SOnce Anytime Mon. through Fri.
SASunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
SBTuesday through Saturday
SCSunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
SDMonday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
SGTuesday through Friday
SLMonday, Tuesday and Thursday
SPMonday, Tuesday and Friday
SXWednesday and Thursday
SYMonday, Wednesday and Thursday
SZTuesday, Thursday and Friday
T1/2 Tue. & 1/2 Fri.
U1/2 Mon. & 1/2 Wed.
V1/3 Mon., 1/3 Wed., 1/3 Fri.
WWhenever Necessary
X1/2 By Wed., Bal. By Fri.
YNone (Also Used to Cancel or Override a Previous Pattern)
ZMutually Defined

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