758 Hazardous Mnemonic Code

Code identifying hazardous classification placard notation, and proper endorsements as required by the Federal Highway Railway Administration See Figures Appendix for the possible values to be used for data element 758

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 3

Figures Appendix

Code identifying hazardous classification placard notation, and proper endorsement as required by the Federal Railway Administration

Following is a figure detailing possible values for data element 758.

CodeClassificationPlacard notationEndorsement
BABlasting AgentBlasting AgentDangerous
CBCombustible LiquidCombustibleNone
CMCorrosive MaterialCorrosiveDangerous
FGFlammable GasFlammable GasDangerous
FLFlammable LiquidFlammableDangerous
FONonflammable GasFlammable GasDangerous
FSFlammable SolidFlammable SolidDangerous
FWFlammable SolidFlammable Solid WDangerous
IMIrritating MaterialDangerousDangerous
NGNonflammable GasNonflammable GasDangerous
OMOxidizing MaterialOxidizerDangerous
OPOrganic PeroxideOrganic PeroxideDangerous
OROther Regulated MatlOther Reg MatlNone
OXNonflammable GasOxygenDangerous
PAPoison APoison GasPoison Gas
PBPoison BPoisonDangerous
RMRadioactive MaterialRadioactiveRadioactive
XAClass A ExplosiveExplosive AExplosive
XBClass B ExplosiveExplosive BDangerous
XCClass C ExplosiveDangerousDangerous

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