812 Payment Format Code

Code identifying the payment format to be used

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 10
ACKACH Payment Acknowledgment
ADVAutomated Account Advice
ANSIFed Wire CTP or CHIPs remittance in an ANSI X12 Format
ARCAccounts Receivable Entry
ATXFinancial EDI Acknowledgment
BOCBack Office Conversion Entry
BPTBill Payment
CBCConsumer/Employee Check
CBRCorporate Cross-Border Payment
CCDCorporate Credit or Debit (CCD) (ACH)
CCPCorporate Credit or Debit plus Addenda (CCD+) (ACH)
CIECustomer Initiated Entry
CIPCustomer Initiated Entry Plus Addenda
CTXCorporate Trade Exchange (CTX) (ACH)
GXMLFed Wire CTP or CHIPS Remittance in a General XML Format
IAPInternational ACH Payment with Addenda Type Code 17
IATInternational Automated Clearing House (ACH) Transaction
IXMLFed Wire CTP or CHIPS Remittance in an ISO XML Format
MTEMachine Transfer Entry
NARRFed Wire CTP or CHIPS Remittance in a Free Form Format
PBCCommercial/Corporate Check
PBRConsumer Cross-Border Payment
POPPoint of Purchase Entry
POSPoint of Sale Entry
PPDPrearranged Payment and Deposit (PPD+) (ACH)
PPPPrearranged Payment and Deposit plus Addenda (PPD+) (ACH)
PRDPreauthorized Draft
PROPFed Wire CTP or CHIPS Remittance in a Proprietary Local Instrument Format
RCKRe-presented Check Entry
RMTSFed Wire CTP or CHIPS Remittance in a Related Remittance Structured Format
RRMTFed Wire CTP or CHIPS Remittance in a Related Remittance Information Format
S820Fed Wire CTP or CHIPS Remittance in a STP 820 Format
SHRShared Network Transaction
SWIFFed Wire CTP or CHIPs Remittance is in a SWIFT Field 70 Format
TELTelephone-Initiated Entry
TRCTruncated Entry
TRXTruncated Entries Exchange
UEDIFed Wire CTP or CHIPS Remittance in an U.N. EDIFACT Format
WBPInternet-Initiated Entry plus Addenda
WEBInternet-Initiated Entry
WEPInternet Initiated Entry (WEB+)(ACH)
XCKDestroyed Check Entry

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