988 Cryptographic Service Message (CSM) Field Tag Code

Code indicating the field tag of a field contained in a cryptographic service message; the field tag identifies the contents of the accompanying Field Contents

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 4
CTACount, "A"
CTBCount, "B"
CTPCount, Pair
CTRCount, "R"
EDCError Detection Code
ERFError Field
IDAIdentity of Key for Authentication
IDCIdentity of Key Distribution Center (CKD) or Key Translation Center (CKT)
IDDDiscontinued Key Name
IDUIdentity of Ultimate Recipient (the Security Recipient)
KDData Key
KDUData Key, Notarized
KKKey - Encrypting Key
KKUKey - Encrypting Key Notarized
MACMessage Authentication Code
NOSNotarization Flag
PKKKey - Encrypting Key Pair (*KK)
PKKUKey - Encrypting Key Pair, Notarized (*KKU)
SUBFSubfield of Previous Field Tag
Indicates that the previous field tag (other than SUBF) has a subfield and the accompanying field content is the subfield value without the ANSI X9.17 subfield delimiter
SVRService Request
TIDTransaction Identification Number

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