996 Initialization Vector (IV)

The archival representation of a 64-bit value expressed in hexadecimal notation as 16 ASCII characters from the set of characters (0..9, A..F). The 64-bit value is used as a starting point for encryption of a data sequence to increase security by introducing cryptographic variance and to synchronize cryptographic equipment. A new IV shall be used for each message. The IV shall not be intentionally reused. The 64-bit binary value, not its ASCII hexadecimal representation, is used for the cryptographic process. In the interchange process, the resultant encrypted and filtered 64-bit IV is sent. The hexadecimal notation is the representation for archiving purposes. The IV shall be a random or pseudo-random number. When encrypted, the IV shall be decrypted using the Electronic Code Book (ECB) mode, and the same key that was used to encrypt the message.

Element 996 is not present in X12 Release 8010. Please switch to one of the following releases to view the documentation.
Appears in
  1. Version 4
    1. X12 Release 4020 Released 1999
    2. X12 Release 4010 Released 1998
  2. Version 3
    1. X12 Release 3070 Released 1997
    2. X12 Release 3060 Released 1996
    3. X12 Release 3050 Released 1995
    4. X12 Release 3040 Released 1994
    5. X12 Release 3030 Released 1993
    6. X12 Release 3020 Released 1992

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