I18 Interchange Note Code

Code specifying the error found processing the interchange control structure

Identifier (ID)
Min 3 / Max 3
000No error
001The Interchange Control Number in the Header and Trailer Do Not Match. The Value From the Header is Used in the Acknowledgment.
002This Standard as Noted in the Control Standards Identifier is Not Supported.
003This Version of the Controls is Not Supported
004The Segment Terminator is Invalid
005Invalid Interchange ID Qualifier for Sender
006Invalid Interchange Sender ID
007Invalid Interchange ID Qualifier for Receiver
008Invalid Interchange Receiver ID
009Unknown Interchange Receiver ID
010Invalid Authorization Information Qualifier Value
011Invalid Authorization Information Value
012Invalid Security Information Qualifier Value
013Invalid Security Information Value
014Invalid Interchange Date Value
015Invalid Interchange Time Value
016Invalid Interchange Standards Identifier Value
017Invalid Interchange Version ID Value
018Invalid Interchange Control Number Value
019Invalid Acknowledgment Requested Value
020Invalid Test Indicator Value
021Invalid Number of Included Groups Value
022Invalid Control Structure
023Improper (Premature) End-of-File (Transmission)
024Invalid Interchange Content (e.g., Invalid GS Segment)
025Duplicate Interchange Control Number
026Invalid Data Element Separator
027Invalid Component Element Separator
028Invalid Delivery Date in Deferred Delivery Request
029Invalid Delivery Time in Deferred Delivery Request
030Invalid Delivery Time Code in Deferred Delivery Request
031Invalid Grade of Service Code
032Invalid Repetition Separator
033Unexpected Interchange Syntax Extension (ISX) Segment
034Invalid Release Character
035Invalid Character Encoding Value
036Invalid Overriding X12 Version/Release/Subrelease Code
037Unknown Industry Identifier
038Overriding X12 Version/Release/Subrelease Code is Not Supported.

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