Stedi offers the following modules that you can add to facilitate your use case.

The following table links to each module’s documentation when available. Modules without documentation don’t require additional configuration or usage instructions — once you purchase the module, the functionality is automatically available in your Stedi account.

Some modules are only available on the Enterprise plan.


Module nameEnterprise Only?DescriptionUsage docs
MappingsTransform Guide JSON into and out of the shape you need for business applications. Create mappings using our intuitive visual mapping tool.Mappings
Large file processingYesTranslate single EDI files that are more than 10MB in size.
FragmentsYesAutomatically split translated transactions from Stedi into smaller chunks. This module can help you avoid overloading downstream systems when processing large EDI files.Fragments
HIPAAYesReceive and generate X12 HIPAA transaction sets in production, generate and parse 999/TA1 acknowledgments, and sign a BAA with Stedi so you can process Protected Health Information (PHI).