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Stedi Buckets lets you store any kind of document on the Stedi platform. You can use Stedi Buckets to upload or download documents directly using the Stedi Buckets SDK, or you can connect to a Stedi Bucket via Stedi SFTP. When you use Buckets, you only pay for the bytes you transfer and the bytes you store; there are no fixed charges.

Use cases

There are three main scenarios for using Stedi Buckets:

  • Retrieving files that were uploaded to a Stedi SFTP server. For example, your trading partner uses SFTP to upload purchase orders and you read the purchase orders from the underlying bucket.
  • Reading and writing documents using Stedi Functions. You can automatically trigger a Stedi Function whenever a new document is uploaded. You can also write data to a bucket directly from a function.
  • Creating documents using the Stedi SDK. For example, you could use the SDK to upload documents from your local machine to a Stedi Bucket.

Getting started

Before you can use Stedi Buckets, you need to take care of two things:

After that, you can create a bucket using the API.

Using the API

Below is an overview of the operations available per access a method:

You can read more about the API commands from Buckets in our docs.

Use casesGetting started