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ChangelogDecember 3, 2021

Control numbers API for EDI Core

There is now an API to set the value of a control-number sequence for a specific sender+receiver pair. See the documentation in API Reference here.

The next generated control number will be the 1 + the value that you set. Control numbers roll back to 1 when reaching 1e9.

Inspector now supports JEDI 2.0 (Beta) and renders dates and times nicely

The Inspector now supports and displays JEDI@2.0-beta when viewing JSON.

We've also added custom renderers to nicely display dates and times, as well as numeric and decimal data types into the "rich view" of the Inspector.

EDI Core accepted codes list

There is a new output option to include_accepted_code_list for Jedi@1.0 and Jedi@2.0-beta. If enabled, a list of accepted_codes will be returned in the validation errors. This is disabled by default. This will help provide clearer error/validation messages. As an example of a validation error result:

    "code": "invalid_id",
    "message": "Invalid code value 'X' specified for element N1-01",
    "path": [
    "severity": "error",
    "accepted_codes": [

New homepage for EDI Reference

/edi has a brand new homepage. There you can search for any Element, Segment or Transaction Set and you can also see all the available X12 releases we have on the site.