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ChangelogDecember 6, 2021

EDI Core number conversions

Numbers stored in EDI may have adjustments applied to them based on how they're defined in a mapping guide. For instance, in an Invoice (810), you return the invoice's total not as 34.95, but as 3495. This field is noted as type "N2", meaning "this number has two decimal places."

With this change to JEDI@2.0-beta when using the EDI Core API, we handle the math for you - numbers provided with N types in the EDI will be converted to their real values in the JEDI document on the other end. Of course, if you translate JEDI to X12, we will handle this as well.

In the example below, we convert the 1450 in the SAC05 in the X12 on the left to 14.50 in the "amount_05" on the JEDI on the right.