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ChangelogJanuary 7, 2022

EDI Core: remove empty segments

You are now able to specify the option to remove_empty_segments in the output_options of the EDI Core API.

 "output_options": {
    "generate_control_numbers": true,
    "remove_empty_segments": true

This feature can be helpful in cases when you're translating from JEDI to EDI and you wish to omit blank segments. Read more

Announcing 98% price decrease for Mapping requests

As of January 1, 2022, Mapping has a new pricing table, seen here. The decreased price of $0.001 per request for new and existing customers costs 98% less than the previous price of $0.05 (for volumes between 101-1,000,000 requests a month).

The price per request is tiered and the first 100 requests per month are free.

Request CountPrice
First 100Free
From 101 to 1,000,000$0.001
Above 1,000,000Contact us