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ChangelogJanuary 31, 2022

EDI Inspector: inspect the ISA and GS elements, collapse segments in Rich view

You can now inspect individual elements in the ISA and GS segments.

To make working with large files easier, we have added the functionality to collapse segments in the Rich view. View example in Inspector


EDI Inspector: ability to download EDI file and improved data rendering

You can now save an EDI file from the Inspector editor.

We also improved data rendering format making the EDI file more human-readable:

  • Dates previously displayed as 20210901 now are shown as Sep 1, 2021.
  • Prior to the change, X12 elements that had a paired relational constraint were displayed as two separate entries. Example:
Communication Number Qualifier: Internet Email Address <> EA
Communication Number: team@stedi.com

We now combine these into a single entry, with the qualifier as the label. You can click on either of these values to see the relevant reference information.

Internet Email Address <> EA : team@stedi.com


EDI Reference: Human-readable conditions

The EDI Reference has been updated to display a human-readable interpretation of relation condition code (ex. P0304: If either PER-03 or PER-04 is present, then the other is required). Before the enhancement, only the relation condition code was provided, which was difficult to parse (ex. P0304). See example