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ChangelogFebruary 9, 2022

EDI Core APIs are now multi-region

Since launch, EDI Core served traffic from a single geographic region. Now, EDI Core serves traffic from multiple regions. This will increase the reliability of the service in the case of a regional outage, and decrease latency for requests made geographically closer.

Mappings: Lookup tables

You can now add one or more lookup tables to your mappings. Lookup tables are powerful for use cases where you have a field that contains a code and you wish to replace it with a related value. For example, if you have a source field with a country code (USA) and you want to replace it with the country name (United States), you can achieve this by building a countries lookup table:

Example of a countries lookup table

You can then use the lookup table in your mapping expression with the $lookupTable function:

Example usage of a countries lookup table

To learn more, see: Mappings documentation, Mappings API documentation.