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Mappings improvementsJune 2, 2022

Edit JSON Schema in the Mappings UI

You can now upload and edit JSON Schema directly in the Mappings UI. Any changes in field descriptions will be automatically reflected on the mapping canvas.

Edit JSON Schema

In cases when JSON Schema conflicts with a JSON example after an update, you will be able to decide whether you'd like to re-generate the JSON Schema based on your new example or update your JSON Schema yourself.

Edge cases

Navigate source and target more easily with tree view

The source/target documents are now displayed in tree view to make it easier to navigate through large files. You can also use the search bar to quickly find the field you're looking for.

Tree view

Improved autocomplete suggestions for values

Now, when you work with complex JSONata expressions that require filtering objects in arrays, you will see autocomplete suggestions for values in the predicate expressions.

Autocomplete values

Higher limits

We have increased the size limits for Mappings APIs to the following values:

  • Mapping source JSON Schema - 300 KiB
  • Mapping target JSON Schema - 300 KiB
  • Mapping JSONata expression - 300 KiB
  • Lookup tables combined size - 300 KiB