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Stedi SFTP and Stedi Buckets are Generally AvailableJuly 12, 2022

Stedi SFTP is a serverless SFTP endpoint for exchanging files at any volume. Provision users via SFTP UI or via the API and begin transferring files in seconds.

Stedi SFTP is fully integrated with Stedi Buckets - a simple, reliable data store. When you upload files programmatically via the Buckets SDK, those files are available to your trading partner via their SFTP credentials. And each time your trading partner uploads files via SFTP, those files are available via the Buckets SDK, too. Check out the Buckets documentation for more details.

With a usage-based pricing model and no servers to manage, developers can easily offer SFTP connectivity to their trading partners as part of a new or existing B2B workflow without incurring fixed costs or operational overhead.

Create a serverless SFTP user in 20 seconds or less:

Creating new user via SFTP UI