Converter Pricing

Updated May 11, 2022

The Converter API is billed based on usage. There are no minimum fees, monthly commitments, or upfront costs to use this product.

Pricing tiers

API request count pricing

The price per request is tiered and the first 1000 requests per month are free.

Request CountPrice
First 1,000Free
From 1,001 to 100,000$0.001
Above 100,000Contact us


XML Purchase Orders to JSON

You are looking to submit purchase orders programmatically to your trading partner’s Orders API, but your ERP can only generate purchase orders in XML format. Therefore, you’ll need to use the Converter API to parse the XML into JSON before it can be mapped and submitted to the Orders request shape. You generate 6,000 purchase orders per month, which will each hit the Converter API once, resulting in 6,000 API calls.

First 1,000 requests = $0.00
Next 5,000 requests = 5,000 * $0.001
Total for all 6,000 requests = $5.00

EDI 846 to CSV

Your trading partner sends you EDI 846 Inventory Feeds, but you have no way to ingest these into your Order Management System which can only accept CSV files. After parsing the EDI 846s into JSON and mapping to the correct JSON shape, you can use the Converter API to transform them from JSON to CSV. Your trading partner sends these 846s once per day (30 per month), which each hit the Converter API once, resulting in 30 API calls.

First 1,000 requests = $0.00
Total for all 30 requests = $0.00