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Data & Privacy

Updated January 4, 2023


  • Customer Data – customer-owned information that is transmitted, processed, or persisted by a Stedi product; customer data is protected by strong security controls to ensure that it can only be accessed by customers. Customer data is always encrypted when transmitted over a network, and at rest.
  • Metadata – information required for product configuration, request routing, operational visibility, and troubleshooting; this is needed for the correct functioning of Stedi systems and may be viewed by suitably authorized Stedi staff. Metadata required to assess the compliance of the systems is stored for 7 years.

Our Assurance

  • Only product metadata may be logged and readable to suitably authorized Stedi personnel
  • Customer data is always encrypted in transit and at rest using unique service-managed keys. Stedi personnel are not able to read customer data.

Table of all Stedi products

Stedi serviceMetadataCustomer DataWhat customer data are persisted?
Stedi.com usersFirst name, last nameAccount passwordEmail, account password
Stedi AccountsAccount name, logo, urlNoneNone
Stedi API Keys (V1)API key description, key prefixFull API key (hashed)Hashed secret
API & Access Keys (machine identities)Identity names, Access Key identifiersSecret access keys (hashed)None
Functions*Function name, program code, environment variablesInputs, outputs, runtime memory, ephemeral storage, logged outputFunctions log output
EDI TranslateSize of the request, latency, transaction set, release, guide id, account id, number of transaction sets, number of segmentsPayloadNone
MappingsSize of the request, latency, account ID, mapping IDPayloadNone
SFTPUsernames, linked bucket names, source IP addresses, directories/filenames accessed over SFTPNoneNone
BucketsBucket names, object key namesObject contentsObject contents
StashKeyspace namesKey-Value itemsKey-Value items
AS2Server identifiers, channel identifiers, agreement identifiersCertificate materialsNone
*For Functions, Stedi provides a runtime that executes customer code. Stedi is responsible for keeping the function underlying runtime up to date, patched, and secured. Customers are responsible for the secure development and updates of their own code.
DefinitionsOur AssuranceTable of all Stedi products