This product is in Public Preview


Updated July 5, 2022

During Public Preview, we do not charge for Functions. After General Availability, the service is billed based on usage. There are no minimum fees, monthly commitments, or upfront costs to use Functions.

Request count pricing

Usage of the Functions API will be billed based on request count, duration of invocations and amount of data transferred to the Internet.

Request typePrice per unit
Function invocationper invoke
Function runtime durationper ms
Outbound data transferper KiB


Through the Stedi API, you invoke a Function for a total of 1.000 invocations. Each function invocation runs for 1 second (1000 milliseconds) and uses 10 KiB of data transfer out to the Internet for an API request.

Function invocation requests: 1,000 * $0.00 = $0.00
Function duration: 1,000 * 1,000 milliseconds = $0.00
Function data transfer out: 1,000 * 10 KiB = $0.00

Total for all requests = $0.00
$0.00 / 1,000 requests = $0.00 per request