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Introduction to Stedi

Stedi is a developer-focused platform for building automated EDI solutions that integrate with any business system — a collection of secure, API-first products designed to scale with the complexity of your business.

Our first released product, EDI Core, is a highly scalable web service that enables customers to validate their EDI files against all 312 transaction sets in the ASC X12 EDI standard and translate them between the EDI wire format and Stedi’s JSON EDI format (JEDI).


Stedi modularizes all the common functions required by B2B integrations into separate products that can be flexibly composed to fit any use case. This might be something very simple, like converting EDI to JSON with the EDI Core API, or a complex business process automation with Workflows.

100% pay-per-use

All Stedi products are 100% pay-per-use. There are no minimum fees, monthly commitments, or upfront costs. How that usage is calculated varies by product - it may be API requests, compute time, network traffic, or storage volume.

Modern and hassle free

An important goal of Stedi is to make the development experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Here's what that means in practice.

  • Support for JSON. EDI is a useful standard, but modern programming languages don't have native support for EDI. They do support JSON, so we allow you to work with EDI data in JSON format.
  • Support for Javascript and Typescript. Working with an old standard like EDI shouldn't mean that you have to work with an old programming language. Stedi allows you to write code in either Javascript or Typescript.
  • Serverless. No need to manage your own hardware infrastructure. You don't even have to contact anyone if you need access to a product. Everything is available at the press of a button.
  • Infrastructure-as-code support. If you’d rather press no buttons at all, you can also define all your needs in a template and deploy them automatically using CI/CD.

What you can build with Stedi

Stedi allows you to build your own data pipeline. You can feed it whatever data you have and make it spit out whatever data you need. What does that mean in practice? Here are some examples.

  • You receive inventory inquiries from your customers and reply to them manually. With Stedi, you can automate this process. A customer sends the inquiry, kicking off a Stedi workflow. The workflow requests the current status from your inventory system, formats the response as EDI, and sends it back to the customer. The customer receives an answer in seconds instead of hours or days.
  • Your supplier expects you to place orders using EDI, but your order management system works with JSON and you don’t want to change it. With Stedi you can take your JSON data, map it to Stedi's JSON EDI format (JEDI), convert it to X12 EDI and send the purchase order to your supplier.
  • In order to analyze how efficiently your goods are being delivered, you want to import your shipment status documents into a data warehousing system. You can send the X12 EDI formatted documents to Stedi, transform them into a format your data warehouse understands, and send them to the API. After you automate this once, your analytics database will always be up-to-date.

Stedi can work with any data format as input or as output, so you’re not limited to EDI and JSON. However, we do offer tools to make the handling of EDI especially easy, so even if you have no experience with EDI, you’ll be up and running quickly.

A Stedi pipeline can communicate with other systems as well, whether that’s your own in-house ordering system, common EDI solutions or value added networks (VANs), or a cloud provider of your choice. If it speaks HTTP, Stedi can handle it. If you want to communicate with your trading partners over familiar protocols, we also offer SFTP as a simple way to exchange transactions.

Getting started

Create a free Stedi account (no credit card required) to access Terminal. There you can provision API keys and test products within generous free use tiers.

Join our preview program

Stedi is in active development with many products in various stages of availability, we call this Developer Preview, and Public Preview, and General Availability. If you’d like to see what’s coming and help shape what we’re building, please request access to Developer Preview. To maximize the stability of the platform, all released products strive for zero breaking changes and long-term support.