Accounts and members

Updated May 10, 2022

Every Stedi user can create multiple accounts. Any user with access to an account is a member of that account. There is no limit to the number of accounts which can be created or accessed, and no limit to the number of members that can be a member of an account. Creating accounts and associating members is free.


Accounts are the primary way of grouping Stedi activity and resources. Any billable activity within that account will be charged in a single invoice. Your first account will be created during sign up, unless you are invited to an existing account. Additional accounts can be created from within Terminal.

Accounts cannot be linked – all settings, billing preferences, and membership are handled separately.

At this time, you cannot delete an account via Terminal or the API. If you need to delete an account, first delete all data and resources in the account then contact support.

Account IDs

Every account has a unique ID which can be found in the Account profile.


Accounts can have unlimited members. Every member of an account has full access to all data and products via Terminal, can provision API keys, manage other members, and incur associated usage charges.

Inviting members

Members are added in identity and access settings. They will receive an email with your invitation. Invitations do not expire, but can be revoked by any member of the account, at any time before acceptance.

Managing members

Any member can remove other members from an account. Those users will still retain their Stedi user credentials and access to other accounts they may be a member of.