Introduction to Stedi

Updated June 22, 2022

Stedi is a developer-focused platform for building automated EDI solutions that integrate with any business system — a collection of secure, API-first products designed to scale with the complexity of your business.

Stedi has the following products that are available to users:

  • The EDI Core API is a highly scalable web service that enables customers to validate their EDI files against all 312 transaction sets in the ASC X12 EDI standard and translate them between the EDI wire format and Stedi's JSON EDI (JEDI) format.
  • Mappings is a product that allows users to map JSON documents from one structure to another. The primary interface for building a JSON map is the Mappings user interface in our web console. After a customer defines, validates, and tests their map, they can invoke the map programmatically using the Mappings API.
  • Converter offers a convenient way of converting between file formats through a secure and highly available web API. It supports the following operations: CSV to JSON, JSON to CSV, and XML to JSON.
  • SFTP provides serverless infrastructure for exchanging files at any volume. Provision users instantly via API and send an unlimited number of files, without any operational overhead.

Stedi strives to provide a world-class developer experience to users, so we focus on the following tenets.


Stedi modularizes all the common functions required of EDI systems into separate products that can be composed to fit any use case. For example, you can receive X12 EDI transactions from your customers, translate them to JEDI using the EDI Core API, and then map the JEDI to your own JSON schema using Mappings (this also works in reverse!).

Developer-first, pay-as-you-go pricing

All Stedi products are 100% pay-per-use. There are no upfront fees, monthly commitments, or hidden costs when using Stedi. All pricing is published and available online. How that usage is calculated varies by product - it may be API requests, compute time, network traffic, or storage volume.

View pricing for the following products:

Modern and hassle free

An important goal of Stedi is to make the development experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Here's what that means in practice.

  • Support for JSON. EDI is a useful standard, but modern programming languages don't have native support for EDI. They do support JSON, so we allow you to work with EDI data in JSON format.
  • Supports any programming language. Working with an old standard like EDI shouldn't mean that you have to use an old programming language. All Stedi products have HTTP-based APIs, so you can write code in any language you want.
  • Serverless. No need to manage your own hardware infrastructure. You don't even have to contact anyone if you need access to a product. Everything is available at the press of a button.

Documentation as a product

Well documented APIs, user guides, and reference architectures shouldn’t be a necessary evil. In order to provide users with a world class developer experience, we need to provide world-class documentation. Dive into our API reference, our product guides, or our authentication guide to learn more about how to use Stedi.

Getting started

Create a free Stedi account (no credit card required) to provision API keys and test products within generous free use tiers. To authenticate to the Stedi API, please read this guide on authentication.