Pricing and billing

Updated June 21, 2022

Stedi has four pricing tenets:

  • Developers should only pay for what they use – no setup fees, implementation fees, monthly minimums, commitments, or long-term contracts;
  • Products should be priced such that developers think of ways to use more of the product, not less of the product;
  • Prices should never go up – only down;
  • Generous free tiers should allow for liberal experimentation.

Since all products are usage-based, usage calculations vary by product - it may be API requests, compute time, network traffic, or storage volume.

Pricing details for each product are publicly available below:

  • EDI Core pricing
  • Mappings pricing
  • Converter pricing
  • SFTP pricing

Public Preview and Developer Preview products are free to use within reasonable use limits.

Billing and payment

Each account will be invoiced monthly for usage of released products. Usage charges will be billed to the provided credit card. To add or edit your payment details, you can navigate to the billing tab at

Within the current billing cycle, you can navigate to Billing tab in your account to see your month-to-date usage and accrued spend for each product.