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Make a guide public

Updated December 6, 2022

You can share your Stedi guide as a public web page. This allows your trading partners to view EDI specifications as interactive documentation, and validate their EDI documents against your guide in their browser.

When a guide is public, anyone with the link can:

  • View the guide web page.
  • Export the guide as PDF.
  • Troubleshoot EDI using the EDI Inspector.

Unless you make your guide public, only members of your Stedi account will be able to use it, and you won’t have the option to export it as a PDF.

How to

From the Stedi Guide builder, you can make your guide public by clicking on Actions (top right) and selecting Make public.

You can also customize the appearance of your public guides to reflect your company branding. On the Stedi Guides overview page, click on Configure (top right). These customization settings apply to all of your guides.


You’re charged for each public guide on a monthly basis. See the pricing page for details.

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