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EDI Translate Limits

The EDI Translate API has several limits on how you can use the service. If you are impacted or blocked by any of these restrictions, please contact support, and we can help solve your issue.
Resource or operationLimitCan be increased
Requests per second25Yes
Maximum concurrent requests100Yes
Maximum request size6 megabytes1No2
Maximum response size6 megabytes1No2


  1. The request and response sizes are limited by the size of the HTTP request. You can receive more data when you use gzip compression on your request. Most HTTP clients support compression, and you can enable it by setting the Accept-Encoding header to gzip. When translating EDI to JSON with compression enabled, the maximum response size limit applies to the size of the compressed JSON response. 2
  2. Stedi Core supports parsing large files. For more information, visit Limits in the Core documentation. 2


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